Taking time to heal (and enjoy it)

This year has not been the greatest for the running in my life.

For my love life- it has been perfect.
For my travel life- amazing.
For my friendships- I love them all.

But for running- this year has been flat-out miserable.

First, I got Achilles tendinitis back in late January.

To allow my leg to heal AND stay fit for the wedding, I biked a lot. I went to the gym at my condo and biked and biked and biked.

Fast forward to right after the wedding, I tried running and discovered that the outside of my right knee was KILLING and my I.T. (ilitobial) band was injured. Most likely from a ill-fitting bike. So for a solid two months, I was unintentionally biking my knee into an injury while intentionally trying to let my Achilles heal.

What a cruel merry-go-round of events.

That bike did some damage.

That bike did some damage.

The past two weeks I have been very bitter about all of this, while trying to let my body heal and get my IT band strength and stamina back to normal.

I was suppose to run a half-marathon this Saturday – THE HALF THAT MR. SPEEDY AND I MET AT- but had to switch to the 5k.
I had to back out of my marathon next month.
I have been bashing my body, a lot.

And I really don’t like bashing my body. I highly dislike that and embarrassed to admit it. You know- those thoughts like you only ran a mile, that barely burned any calories, better eat less, you should be working out more, etc.

Thoughts like these can quickly creep up and seep deep and poison your entire day.

We have all been there.

Honestly- isn’t it funny how when we are limited in our normal exercise routine or not working out as much as we did before, there is this great assumption and fear that suddenly you will shrink into a less-attractive, lazier version of your former self?

I need to kick-out the negative thoughts and focus on positive words, like this:

I would like to plaster this on my wall and read it every day.

I would like to plaster this on my wall and read it every day.


One of my favorite sayings of all time –

The greatest gift you can give yourself is unconditional love.

I give Mr. Speedy unconditional love.
I give my family that too.
I plan on giving our children that type of love too.

Why am I denying myself during this time?

Just because I am running less or moving slower – is that reason to love myself a bit less too? Not grab the slice of pizza or second glass of wine?

Mr. Speedy has been SUCH A SAINT.

I have been moody and disappointed.

Just yesterday, we went for a run and he lead the way, taking a completely off-beaten path that was scenic and new to us both. When we got back to our normal path, he immediately stated how nice it was to run in between the trees and see something new.

And you know what I said?

“That was short. We aren’t going to get our full 6 miles in.”

He really should have slapped me across the cheek for that.

Instead he was quiet and said, “I thought you would have enjoyed the trees and seeing something instead of cement.”

He took the time to run a new route, one that was full of nature, and all I could think about was if I was going to reach my goal of X amount of miles. I completely missed out enjoying the beauty around me. I completely was rude towards my running partner, who choose to run a slower pace with me.

I was completely acting selfish and missed out on a beautiful run with the love of my life.

Well, enough of that behavior.


Every single day. Be kind.

Every single day. Be kind.

New mindset-

I will heal. I need to be patient. I will enjoy my runs, no matter what the pace/distance. Saturday I will run the 5k and be happy I can do that. I will be able to cheer on others competing in the half.  I will run a marathon again, just not in May, and this OK. I will eat when I am hungry and stop when I am full. I will remember to tell Mr. Speedy each and every day how much his support means to me. I will appreciate every new run with him, no matter what the distance.

I will enjoy myself. And be kind.

How did you work through an injury? Tell me what kept you positive.







7 thoughts on “Taking time to heal (and enjoy it)

  1. Injuries stink. I think what has gotten me through the last year was switching things up and focusing on what I could do not what I couldn’t. Make nice with some free weights and get creative and know that your body will heal and you will be ready to tackle your next marathon.

  2. ❤ Oh buddy. I know. Injuries are the worst. I did what I could and what worked for me when dealing with plantar fasciitis. I'm still dealing with it but it's far better than it was. Basically I could walk with minimal pain so that's what I did. And I don't run as fast as I want to because then I'm hobbled the next day. But doing something, for me, is better than doing nothing. And loving myself and reminding myself that this is a small period of my life helps a lot. xo

  3. UGH I have SO been there with the negativity and when I had a running partner I was constantly saying things like your “we’re never going to get 6miles comment.” What is wrong with us women at times!?! I hate that you are injured..it really grinds my gears, but I love that you are turning the mindset around, and I hope that SOON all this will be behind you.

    I do think I need to earn some of the foods I choose to eat, and it’s one of the main reasons I run, BUTTTT I do try to stay aware of the overly negative unhealthy thoughts around food that do occasionally pop up. Oh to be healthy. HA. HANG IN THERE, you look amazing BTW and could probably afford to eat ALL THE PIZZA and still look sexxaaayy! That bike did wonders for your bod despite hurting your knee…still not worth it though, BURN THE BIKE!

  4. Oh I am all over this post! I love this post because everything is so true. First and foremost I hope that you heal up quick – injuries are the absolute worst.

    As for the negative talk – I do it all the time. Actually, I did it this morning. I am supposed to run 7 miles today but I am getting sick and my marathon is only a week away – so I decided to sleep a little longer, give my body the rest it needs so that I don’t get even sicker.. but even while I was contemplating this still half asleep at 5am I was already starting the negative talk about not going for that run. “But you ate a muffin yesterday, you didn’t work out yesterday either so you are going to miss ANOTHER workout!?!” Oy Vey, that has to stop.

    Mer – we all go there. Don’t worry. We are perfect just the way we are and good thing for all the Mr. Speedy’s out there in the world (not that there are too many) telling us we’re beautiful! You rocked your 5k so be proud of that!! Thanks for this great post – needed to be reminded that enough is really enough <– just like you said! ❤

  5. Oh man, this rings so true. It has been a YEAR since my stress fracture (almost) and I still am not back to running more than four miles at one time. It’s pitiful. But there’s slight progress. I’ve had to stop thinking about myself as the long-distance runner that I know I can be and re-focus on where I am right now. To be grateful for four miles and a leg that doesn’t hurt the next day. Maybe next month that’ll be five miles and a leg that doesn’t hurt the next day. It’s so hard. Such a mental thing! I don’t know if the mental aspect of running injuries gets talked about enough; but it’s hard! So sorry to hear you’re in more of a “rest mode” too; but you’ll be back to it before you know it! And in the meantime, lucky you have such an awesome running partner to help encourage you!!! Sad to have missed you guys at the Boston Marathon––––BUT-–––maybe another time. BF just applied for a job in Detroit….cray….fingers crossed.

  6. Awww girl… this post is nail on the head. This is how I have been feeling lately. It’s just so MENTALLY difficult when you’re injured. My knees are still messed up, and I find myself struggling constantly. I feel like I’m just roaming around with no real direction, “oh can’t do that it hurts my knees” “nope, can’t exercise like that… stupid knees” I’m honestly still struggling to find something that works with my injuries but keeps me hopeful about recovery. It’s a tough place to be. I’ll be sending you positive vibes that you recover and don’t beat yourself up!! You will recover!

  7. I’m so sorry you had to deal with an injury. As you know, I hadn’t had such a great time with running before I stopped blogging either due to my constant injuries. I’m currently doing PT sessions to help me get ready to run again and although my therapist is a hottie and he gives me great massages, it sucks he’s not really letting me to do any running or biking on a bike that doesn’t have a backrest on the chair. ::feels the need to cry hysterically::
    But I’ve found that I need to learn to understand that my body will only get worse if I don’t let it get better. So, although it sucks, I’m working on being patient and enjoying my sessions and making sure I know what workouts I can do and can’t do. And if I can work on a new challenge (eating healthier for a month or trying out new stretches) then I focus on that to redirect my anxiety.

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