Weekend Visitors

This weekend we have some Nebraskaian’s visiting.

Mr. Speedy's brother and his girlfriend.

Mr. Speedy’s brother and his girlfriend.

Aren’t they a good looking couple? Wowzers.

I’m pretty pumped for this visit because:

  • Guest room/bathroom: I love prepping these rooms and getting them all hotel-like for people to stay. You better believe there will be mints on the pillow.
  • No more headphones: Mr. Speedy recently bought these headphones, which cancel out all noise (a.k.a. ME) and cause him to do puzzles for  hours at a time while I melt in a pile of boredom in the corner. This will not be happening this weekend. Also, I loathe these headphones.
Hello? Talk to me. Stop with the puzzle.

Hello? Talk to me. Stop with the puzzle.

  • Friday Night Out: We are going to the Tigers baseball game  and then Greektown in Detroit. I’m super pumped for this night out but also have a serious concern about falling asleep during the game and getting smacked with a fly ball. I might need to take a power nap in the car.
  • Family: We don’t get to see Mr. Speedy’s family often sooooooooooo this is such a special treat!
  • Brothery-Interaction: I find it really entertaining to watch Mr. Speedy and his brother interact. They don’t look alike, have different personalities, and interests. Yet…. they are very similar. It is a phenomenon. A mystery.
  • Motivation to Beautify our Home: So… I have like a box full of picture frames that are… just collecting dust. It is an eyesore. Our walls needed a change. Knowing that we are having visitors motivated my inner-home-decor-I-need-to-fill-frames side. Naturally, wedding pictures were chosen because they are pretty, professional, and make my heart happy.
  • Beach day: There is a beach like less than two miles from our house. We plan to go there. Best thing about going to the beach is no one judges you for falling asleep in your bikini, in a public area, in the middle of the day. I was made for the beach.
OUT. Asleep. Party-pooper = ME.

OUT. Asleep. Party-pooper = ME.

Sunday the men are going to watch the NASCAR race (Mr. Speedy is an avid fan- fun fact).

My dear sweet husband asked if I wanted to go and this is pretty much what I said:

So while the men are gone, us girls are going to do girly things… that don’t involve NASCAR and most likely involve glasses of Sangria under the sun.
I’m super duper excited!

What’s your favorite thing to do when you have overnight visitors? I like to watch them while they sleep…. KIDDING. THAT IS CREEPY. I just like to host! (But not like a vampire…. another creepy comment. Never mind. I’ll stop writing now.)



6 thoughts on “Weekend Visitors

  1. Noise-cancelling headphones!?!?! I like to think of myself as a very low-maintenance girlfriend haha but I might go crazy if Andy got some of those. I’m too social. I want to do activities together and him listen to all the things I have to talk about 🙂 So yay for your weekend without those. I absolutely love having visitors too and hosting and thinking of meals and ways to make the house cozy. That’s one of the many things I’m looking forward to when I have my own place again post-grad school!

    • The headphones are ACTUALLY really nice when you are on an airplane… but other than that, they shouldn’t be allowed to be used!!! Omg yes you will love having your own place and hosting- its the best 🙂

  2. I think Speedy and brother look alike, in certain ways. I see it for sure. I love that I know exactly where you are going for the ball game, AND for Greektown. I TOTALLY WALKED AROUND THOSE AREAS. Have sososo much fun with your faammmmmilllyyyy.

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