DIY Party Favors: Mini Bags with Clothespin

I thought these favors I made for our wedding rehearsal were just the cutest and had to share.

How adorable?

How adorable? I made these for our rehearsal dinner!

These mini bags were SUPER EASY to make. I think it took me… about an hour to make around 40. Pricing varies depending what you stuff inside the bags (I put an assortment of candy!).

All you need are:

  • Mini bags (I bought them from Michaels in the cake/baking aisle)
  • Mini clothespins (Micheals, they were like $1.29)
  • Tag (my Thank you tag was a free printable – find it here, write anything along the bottom!)
  • Bag fillers (candy, cookies, small treats!)
So easy!

So easy!

1. Cut out your tags. No need to punch the hole out of the top since you are clipping it to the bag.

2. Take a bag, stuff it, fold the top over and clip the tag to the top.

3. Repeat until you have enough favors! Done!

Aww they are so simple to make!

Aww they are so simple to make!

Other thoughts-

  • Use string or ribbon instead of a clothespin.
  • Glue a pretty square of paper on one side of paper, and then the tag on top, instead of clipping it to top.
  • Fill your bag full of non-edible things: seeds to grow veggies or flowers, office supplies to give to a co-worker, nail polish and lip gloss for a girlfriend.
  • Paint the clothespin (or buy the multi-color pack!) for a little more pop of color!

I just love making favors for others. I also love making favors that involve candy because I get to sample said candy ever so often. 🙂



3 thoughts on “DIY Party Favors: Mini Bags with Clothespin

  1. I adored the tiny clothespin, it was so cute. These favors were SO fun and SO you. I second what Megan said!! I miss this adventure and want to do it all over again!

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