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I love running.

I prefer longer distance races ( 10 miles, half-marathon) rather than the shorter. I love the freebies at the expos. The bright colors on running gear and shoes make me feel like a super-hero. Oh and the photos! I  especially love racing because I take the most flattering pictures ever.

Just call me Ms. Photogenic-

I have the appearence of a pale viking... while Mr. Speedy attractively races.
I have the appearence of a pale viking… while Mr. Speedy attractively races.
He is so daper and classy and handsome... and I.... just might spurt lasers from my beady eyes.
He is so daper and classy and handsome… and I…. just might spurt lasers from my beady eyes.

I love comparing Mr. Speedy’s photos to mine.

They crack me up. Bahahahaha.



  • Best Time: 21:03 in May 2014
  • Goal Time: I would really like to get under 20, dagnamit!


  • Best Time: 35:24 in May 2012
  • Goal Time: 6:30 pace would be nice. I ran this with an ungodly amount of humid heat, hence my over 7 min. pace! Ew.


  • Best Time: 42:18 in June 2012
  • Goal Time: Under 40 minutes, paaaaleeze.

10 Mile

  • Best Time: 1:09:59 in August 2013
  • Goal Time: Just over 1 hour.


  • Best Time: 1:33:51 in September 2012
  • Goal Time: Get under 1:30:00 would be pretty flippin’ amazing.


  • Best Time: 3:34:00 in October 2012
  • Goal Time: Under 3:15:00 would be saweeeeet.

Current Race Schedule:

  • April 27, 2013: Let’s Move Festival of Races, half-marathon
  • May 11, 2013: Run Like a Mother, 10k
  • June 1, 2013: Oak Apple Run, 10k
  • June 2, 2013: Dexter to Ann Arbor, half-marathon
  • June 8, 2013: Solstice (Kona) run, 10 miles
  • June 16, 2013: Run for the Ribbon, 5k
  • August 24, 2013: Crim, 10 miles

5 thoughts on “Running, Records, Races

  1. I think you should add Mr.Speedys times… with a name like that I would like to see how much faster than the road runner he is… and if you can’t tell I have just completed reading your ENTIRE new blog. Mwah.

    • Oh my…. well let’s see, his Half time is a 1:15 on a good day… so yeaaaaaaah…. Basically, if anyone ever snatches my purse and runs with it- Mr. Speedy would simply trout by and be like ‘WHATCHA DOIN BRO!?!’

      It is seriously ridiculous. And he is brawny like a football player. Explain that to me.

      • I have no idea…. he qualified for Boston with 15 MINUTES TO SPARE.

        I like to think that our future children will be super torpedo fast and run like the wind… but our genes just might cancel each other out and they will be inactive, cute, chess playing tots.

  2. Ahh! I wish I had anything close to your times! Send your legs over! 😀
    And goodness, he runs a half in 1:15?! My goodness! I’m trying to do my half in 3 hours! :O
    Share his secret!

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