Rehearsal Invitations: DIY

I made my own rehearsal invitations and by golly, they were pretty spectacular.

They were fairly easy to make and I tried to maintain the Art Deco theme- using certain fonts and a deco arch printed paper for the belly bands.


Soooo pretty.

All together I made 25 invitations and it cost around $20 ($12 for the blank paper/envelopes, $6.50 for the special Deco printed paper). I had access to a laser printer (so that was free!) and a paper cutter (free!) and already had all the stamps and tools for embossing (free! except for when I bought it all).

The first step was designing my invitation. The paper is from Paper Source and they have templates that you can download (here) for free, based off what kind of paper you got. This made it SUPER easy. Just download the size you need, open in Microsoft Word (or whatever program you prefer) and start designing!

Then I found the paper I wanted for the belly bands. Embossed accents were added (with the help of my girlfriend, I stamped and she poured the powder), making the invitations just a little extra glamorous and elegant:

The belly bands- I just measured how wide I wanted them and sliced the paper. Then I snipped away along the top deco arch, to really make the scallop pattern pop. Wrap around the invitaiton and tape together in the back. Simple. Done. Stunning.

I love the scallop!

I love the scallop!

Good thing about doing this yourself:

  • Cheap- they did not cost a lot but have a high quality/formal look!
  • They were made with love – really I poured my time and love and heart and soul into these.
  • Paper cutter- Who doesn’t love using one of these bad boys? Makes me feel like I’m slicing meat at a deli… except it is shimmery and gold and not smelly.

Bad thing about doing this yourself:

  • I want to make belly bands for everything.
  • I want to emboss all future cards.
  • I want to buy a really nice laser printer.
  • I basically want to just make cards all day, everyday.

If anyone needs any custom invitaitons, please, may I help? You can feed my thirst to create more frilly things and give me an excuse to keep using the paper cutter.



DIY Party Favors: Tea & Cookies

There’s something terribly inviting and cozy about tea and cookies, especially when it is chilly out.

A hot soothing drink, along with a side of sweet, is enough to relax and rejuvenate a person. I didn’t really realize the power of tea until I traveled to England in 2012 for work. An English employee would literally prepare tea all the time for others, and have little cookies to nibble or slowly soak into the drink. It was simply divine. That tea had healing powers. Those cookies were filled with pure pick-me-up-good-flavors. I always looked forward to tea time.

I made some party favors (because all parties should have favors!) for my bachelorette party that were a perfect little treat for a cold day. They were quite simple to make and total cost for about 25 was around $35. If you are looking for an easy way to make someone smile, make them one of these little boxes — I am sure you’ll turn anyone’s day around!

Tea and Cookie Party Favors


What you need:

  • Little Kraft Boxes : I bought mine from Michaels and they were like 60 cents each.
  • Label: I created my own tea label with Word
  • Ribbon
  • Tissue paper
  • Stamps
  • Cookies and tea


  • Stamps, embossing powder: I had to emboss something on these! The gold heart was embossed on each label… for a little extra glitz.
My supplies. The cookies were from Meijer and are like THE BEST EVER.

My supplies. The cookies were from Meijer and are like THE BEST EVER.

1. Print out your labels and if you are adding a embossed design, do that. You can find a lot of cute free printables online, such as this Thank You from The TomKat Studio. After you have them complete,  cut them up and hole punch in the corner.

2. Decorate the boxes. You could stamp, place a sticker, glue some scrapbooking paper or a thank you, or just leave it plain!

3. Place tissue paper in box, along with the tea and a few cookies.



4. Tie up the box with ribbon, while slipping the tag and/or thank you note onto the ribbon.

*Extra Tip: Don’t want to use boxes? You could always wrap up the tea/cookies in tissue paper and then wrap that up into some tulle, tying it at the top. I made these and passed them out to co-workers on Valnetine’s day!

So cute!

So cute!

Party favors are a way of showing your guests that you truly appreciate them.

Giving thanks to someone else for taking time out of their schedule and busy life to be a part of yours, that means something. Also, giving gifts is one of my favorite things to do. This is where I have spent waaaaaay too much of my wedding budget- gifts on others. But, I am okay with it. You know why? I want people to know how very much I appreciate them and am grateful for coming to see us married. It only happens once!  So why not give a little thanks? 🙂



Giveaway: Craft-A-Day book


I’m giving away one (1) copy of this lovely craft book! It is by the talented Sarah Goldschadt and available here.

Check it out:


You can learn how to make sweet props for fun parties or photoshoots!

This is one of many cute little animal crafts... penguins, turtles, you name it!

This is one of many cute little animal crafts… penguins, turtles, you name it!



This book is chock full of crafty ideas for those who enjoy doing a little cutting, sewing, and creating.

Learn how to make:

  •  Magnets
  • Cupcake toppers
  • Garlands
  • Cards
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  • Finger puppets

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.... Please don't suggest a road trip. I am not the best traveler.

…. Please don’t suggest a road trip. I am not the best traveler.

*Note: When you comment, it will require you to enter your email (don’t worry, it doesn’t show up!)… and that is how I will contact you if you win. So make sure you enter a legit email or else no book for you.