Ten Things (actually, eleven)

Art deco bride.

Art deco bride.

1. I had my second dress fitting while simultaneously getting my you-know-what.

Dear Period- Hi. I am so glad you visited because a) I officially will not be a pregnant bride, something that I have had nightmares about and b) you will not be around during my wedding day or honeymoon week. BUT SERIOUSLY. WHY MUST YOU VISIT ME WHEN I HAVE TO PUT ON MY DRESS IN FRONT OF STRANGERS AND BE POKED WITH SEWING NEEDLES. YOU ARE RUTHLESS. YOU ARE INCONSIDERATE.

Have you no mercy?

2. I painted my nails a deep red wine color, a possible choice for the wedding.

When I asked Mr. Speedy what he thought, his exact response was “Isn’t that a little drab and dark for a wedding?”

Obviously, he does not understand my vintage look.

3. Velcro wallets = never a good thing.



Recently, my girlfriend went on a few dates with a guy and he had a Velcro wallet. Let me just throw this out there- men, do not ever own a Velcro wallet if you are above the age of 18. I cringe at the thought of having a date offer to pay, pull out his wallet, and then hearing that crrrrrrink of Velcro being pulled apart.

Obviously, she is not dating him anymore.

4. Mr. Speedy was stretching the other day, and flexed his arms over his head and I about fell out of my chair.

With the wedding so close and so much to do, I haven’t had time to stare and drool and study Mr. Speedy to the sickening level of devotion and obsession that I normally do. I caught a glimpse of his arms and got all the breath knocked out of me.

“Wow,” I exclaimed. “Your arms…. have you been working out more?”
“No, they are the same.”
“No, I am pretty sure your muscles are currently occupying more space and taking over my brain.”

He did not respond.

I truly appreciate how he puts up with my clingy-creepy stares.
Thank you, Mr. Speedy, for accepting this as a way of life.

5. Speaking of muscles, these legs are my favorite.

Mhhmmmm these legs.

Mhhmmmm these legs.

6. I have been awkwardly crying and proclaiming to strangers that I am changing my last name soon.

I have been having a lot of word-vomit moments lately where I just spew out random things to random people that probably could care less. I have also been getting teary-eyed while doing things that involve my last name. And by things, I mean like signing my bill.

For example, whenever I get to sign my bill or someone uses my last name, I have been saying things like this:

“Soon, I will not be signing this last name ever again.”
“Oh gosh… so soon it will be gone.” TEARS.
“I will not have this name much longer.” TEARS.
“I need to practice signing my new last name.”
“I am sorry, I am a little emotional about this name.” TEARS.

7. Oh gosh, my last name. Goodbye. Goodbye tiny Lily who sat in buckets. I might be crying right now. 

I really am quite the worker. Promise.

I really am quite the worker. Promise.

8. I think I am going to drink an entire bottle of this Sleep mist.

Buy this for anyone, they are sure to love it. Who doesn't like to relax and sleep???

Buy this for anyone, they are sure to love it. Who doesn’t like to relax and sleep???

Surely, this will cause me to sleep better and calm down.

9. Please remind me to not drink bottles that have the word sleep on them. 

10. My Pirate Father has a speech to write.

When I asked my father if he was preparing for his speech at the wedding, his response was –

“What speech? Do people even do that anymore?”

Fathers are really funny sometimes. They like to joke at you when you are full of tension and stress.

11. This picture really calms me down. And makes me feel gooey and happy and completely content.

Just engaged.

Just engaged.

I am just going to stare at this picture for the next two weeks.



It has been great, 2013…. XoXo

Happy New Year’s Eve!

This time last year, I was returning from my getaway with Mr. Speedy in Cancun. As I flip through the pictures from that trip and look outside at the 17 degree weather, I wonder why on EARTH we did not jet away somewhere warm.

Moving on from that, 2013 has been amazing… for many reasons but mostly because of Mr. Speedy. Here is a timeline that validates that 2013 + Mr. Speedy = an amazing year:

I made this with powerpoint.

I made this with powerpoint.

Less than three months till the I DO. We will be married in under two years of knowing each other. Wow.

Here are some more 2013 highlights that made my year:

  • Jazzercise is a BLAST: My future sister-in-law teaches it and although I have only done in NE when I see her, it is super fun. Even though I am highly uncoordinated and look like a stringy pancake flopping and kicking at all the wrong times possible…. I have fun.
Can you believe she has had THREE kids? I hope I look like that.

Can you believe she has had THREE kids? I hope I look like that.

  • Discovering that even if you dress like starfish on a date, you can get proposed too. Even if you wore your hair crimped for years. Even if you got stuck in buckets. Love will find you. Life is fantastic that way.
  • The possibility to start something new. I mean this in any facet in my life, but I have been doing a lot of soul searching and love that if you pretty much make a committment to start something, you have the ability to finish it. No matter how different and new it may seem. Right now I am trying to finish making my bed and I almost have it completed. Almost.
  • Coaching GOTR: LOVED this program! Even though I had hairy legs that were often noted, I loved coaching and plan to do it again.
  • A family in our future: I always knew I’d want to have children one day, but until Mr. Speedy proposed that idea never really solidified itself into my brain and heart. It has. I think about it often and am excited to have enough children to have our own cross country team. KIDDING.
  • Wedding – it is what you make it. Big lesson learned. Planning a wedding can be easy or hard – you pick. It is what you make it. It is not at all what I expected but then I didn’t know what to expect. I am enjoying it. And I am looking forward to the end result.
I am so weird. He is so handsome. Bridal shower in Nebraska.

I am so weird. He is so handsome. Bridal shower in Nebraska.

  • Sometimes I talk out the side of my mouth. No one has noticed this (not even me) until Mr. Speedy mentioned it and said it was one of my cutest features. He also has noticed my two large freckles underneath my eyes, that one of my ears is slightly lower than the other, and my tiny birthmark on my hip. The fact that he notices the unseen or not-noticable things on me… makes me feel so special. Like a speckled apple mixed in with a bunch of solids. Only noticeable to the close observarber. I love that he observes me in such a minature, simple way.
  • Laundry: This is a major chore that I seem to get behind on constantly. Let’s hope 2014 can bring me up to speed on figuring out the special way to keeping laundry under control.
  • Bloggin’ Friends: I’ve gotten a lot closer to some of my bloggers on here… thank you. You are all such wonderful friends with such full personalities. I can’t wait to meet Brittany and Megan at the wedding and then hopefully meet up in the fall, along with Britta.
  • Aunt: I get to be an Aunt now because Mr. Speedy has nieces and a nephew. This makes me jump over the moon and back. These three children make me smile so much and although our time together is short (they are in NE), I love every minute!
Me and tiny Lillyan talking to Santa.

Me and tiny Lillyan talking to Santa.

  • Running: I PR in my 10 mile. Close to my half marathon, but not quite. Let’s hope to PR in the half and re-qualify with a better marathon time for Boston. These are the goals. I am thankful that I still have strong legs and a solid set of lungs to run. I love running. Running fuels me. Deep in my bone marrow, a feeling of being alive and happy and healthy, seeps and stinks in.
  • Alexander McCall Smith: Um….. yeah. That was a pretty flippin amazing moment – meeting this amazing Scottish author. So charming. So intelligent. So respectable and inviting. I want to invite him over for dinner and ask him all about his life.


So…. what about you? Highlights of 2013??? Excited about 2014??

Have a happy and safe holiday! XoXo



Underneath the Moonlight

As mentioned in my previous post, Mr. Speedy had planned a surprise, secret getaway for us after the half-marathon.

Little did I know that I would leave as a girlfriend and return as a fiancé.

If you enjoy romantic stories and sunsets- read on.

I suggest playing ‘Cosmic Love’ by Florence + the Machine while you read for lovely drama that will make you tear-up.



“Hurry up, we have to get on the road,” he smiled at me.

“Ok, ok, I’ll be ready in a few,” I lied. My hair was still dripping wet from the longer-than-normal shower (I HAD to shave my legs, no way was I going to sport hairy limbs). I couldn’t think straight…. What if he asked me tonight? What perfume should I wear? What dress should I pack? Why didn’t I shop? What style is appropriate for possibly the best night ever? Tight? Long? Blue? Light blue? And what heels? OH MY, I NEED A PERSONAL ASSISTANT STAT.

I brushed my teeth like a crazed lunatic as I examined myself in the mirror. I should have had my eyebrows waxed, they were like bushy caterpillars. I wasn’t fit for human eyes, especially the piercing eyes of the handsome, magnetic Mr. Speedy, who by now was growing slightly impatient.

Rummaging in my closet, I tried to find a dress appropriate. I opted for a pencil-styled navy blue dress. Classic. Simple. Audrey Hepburn would approve.

Suitcase in hand, I threw it into the back seat of the car, and Mr. Speedy started driving north.

North. And North. And more North. A couple of hours passed.

“Do you know where we are going, yet?” he asked.

“Uh….no,” I responded. I could have said IS THERE A RING IN THIS VEHICLE SOMEWHERE, but… I resisted.

“Well… we are going to Petoskey. To the Inn at Bay Harbor…. just a little us time. To celebrate a year.”

As my mouth proceeded to drop into my lap, my heart began to beat quicker… The Inn is one of those romantic places reserved for intimate, priceless moments. And where is this place located… put your LEFT hand in front of you, and it is at the very top of the RING finger…

When we pulled up to the entrance, it did not disappoint my young heart’s envisions.

You know the scene when Carrie and Big find the apartment of their dreams and Carrie is like ‘Hello, I live here.’ Well, that is how I felt when we got there. ‘Hello, I vacation here.’

The Inn at Bay Harbor <– let your jaw-drop

Our room could hardly be called a room. It was more of a condo. An apartment. A high-end suite. Fireplace, bar, kitchen, balcony, jacuzzi. Immediately I pulled out the bottle of wine and we toasted-

“To us,” Mr. Speedy said. “To having you in my life for a year and many more.”

Then, we took many pictures (click for larger view):

The next two hours became a combination of quiet whispers, wine glasses clinking, music drifting, bodies embracing, and the soft hues of the evening sky silently floating through the balcony breeze.

Mr. Speedy whispered in my ear, “So…,” and his grip around my waist tightened.

I hesitated for a moment and then launched into a full wine-induced emotional monologue. Sentence after sentence of how happy I was with him, how thankful I was for this amazing trip, how appreciative and utterly devoted I was to his lips, arms, and torso.

Smiling, he turned up the music and moved back towards me, burying his face into my neck.

“Let’s get dressed up and go watch the sunset,” he suggested. “Then we’ll have a nice dinner.”

Relieved that he gave me something to focus on other than the possibility of something else, I quickly got to work to curling my hair.

Luckily, no hairs were hurt.

Luckily, no hairs were hurt.


And then, hand-in-hand, we made our way down three flights and out to the secluded beach to enjoy the subtle, sinking of the sun.

Such a simple, everyday thing- a sunset. But as I walked beside Mr. Speedy, this one felt different. Important.





And more-

I thought maybe, just MAYBE, he might ask me something… and just as the sun dipped below the lake, he did ask me something-

“Want to go in for dinner?”

DO I WANT TO EAT DINNER???? Slightly confused and slightly dismayed, I agreed that dinner would be wonderful.

Situated in a little nook within the restaurant, I wondered if Mr. Speedy was thinking what I was thinking. I mean, if you take a girl to a lovely place equipped with a sunset to melt a thousand blizzards, she is probably going to think something very major is going to happen. I even took time to curl my pin-straight hair. I shaved my legs. I was wearing Daisy by Marc Jacobs, my Calvin Klein heels, and Michael Kors jacket. I had all the right guys with me. Was I mistaken?

I decided to completely turn off my compulsive romantic brain, and just enjoy the meal.

One bottle of wine, an order of shrimp and pesto bruschetta, and steak for two later, Mr. Speedy was leading me back outside, to the secluded beachfront, to enjoy the moonlight and star scattered sky.

But this time, I noticed he had one hand in his pocket and was not taking it out.

He turned towards me.

“Lily, you mean everything to me.”

I was speechless, he sometimes had that effect on me. His eyes were fixed on me. I melted in his arms once again.

“I know.”

We took a few more steps and then he stopped walking. Tugging my arm, I looked back and saw he was on his knee.

Immediately, my eyes began to brim with sweet, joyful tears. I felt as if we were enclosed in some kind of secret bubble. Only God and us. That was all that mattered.

He removed his hand from his plaid, pleasantly snug pants… and it held something shiny. Holy God… Oh this is happening, I said to myself. His face wore a sweet, sweet smile. A smile I could love forever.

“Lillian Robin Hergott… will you marry me?”

“…Yes,” I whispered back. “In front of God, yes.” Tiny bursts of tears.

And then before I knew it, my body become compelled to join him on his knees, and we were both kneeling, and kissing with only the type of fervor that people who just committed their lives to each other can kiss with. We rolled in the grass, my heart thumping wildly in my chest. After seconds, minutes, hours, we began to slow down our amateur make-out. Our lips parted and we agreed to not roll around on the grass like hooligans, and have a drink at the resort bar.

As we walked into the hotel, I realized something was on my finger. Up until this point, I did not even glance at my hand or notice that Mr. Speedy had slipped something on my left ring finger.

“Oh! I should probably look at my ring,” I said with giddiness.

Holy moses.

A bit over 2 carats (I know someone will want to know, so there it is), was a brilliant princess cut diamond, perfectly solitaire on a plain band of white gold-

Oh. Hi. Nice to meet you.

Oh. Hi. Nice to meet you.

Oh, is that is what is on my finger?

Oh, is that is what is on my finger?

As I stared at my ring and contemplated what this all meant, Mr. Speedy had another surprise for me.

“Look inside, the band,” he said.

Carefully peeking inside, I smiled and felt tears begin to form again-

You mean everything to me

“I wanted to put ‘I could watch you for a lifetime’ but it was too long…” he explained.

I smiled at him. “It is perfect.”

Both of those lines are from our song- Cinema covered by Jason Evigan.

As we approached the bar, we waved down our waitress explaining we just got engaged. Drinks were ordered- “It’s on the house,” the bartender explained. Smiles were everywhere. We probably made every other individual in close proximity slightly uncomfortable with our mushy composure, but I didn’t care!

I’m going to marry the man of my dreams. The man that is my equal, my match given to me by God.


Kissing in our Marriot robes on the balcony as an ENGAGED couple. Pretty big deal. Had to share it.

And hopefully, Mr. Speedy is happy to see this every morning for the rest of his life:


My first morning as a fiance.

Fiancé. It has a nice ring to it.



Whew. Gosh, sorry if that made you hot, bothered, uncomfortable, or awkward.

That was a long, passion filled post.

Thank you everyone- especially our families. Without your support, we would not be as strong.

Sincerely Love,

Lily aka Mr. Speedy’s future wife that promises to shave regularly