Winner of Pretty Gift Giveaway & Sunday News

Big news of the day:


I just signed up for the Bayshore Marathon, in an attempt to re-qualify for Boston. This means I will start training towards the end of January while simultaneously planning our wedding that will take place in March. (WHAT A PERFECT WAY TO STAY LEAN FOR THE¬†BIG DAY ūüėģ !)¬†This also means the honeymoon will involve a lot of running, since it is during crucial training time. This also means I will have to manage my time carefully because I am planning on coaching GOTR in the Spring. This also means I will be a wife. This also means my life will be completely different as it is now.

Basically, please pray for my sanity and legs. I  am a little tired just thinking about it but very excited.


Now for the giveaway winner….

I just love the tree in the background. And yes, I planned that.

I just love the tree in the background. And yes, I planned that.

SO MANY LOVELY COMMENTS ABOUT CHRISTMAS. Loved them all. I love how so many people enjoy the time together with family and friends, and giving gifts, and the wintery-weather. I used a random number generator and the winner is:

randomnumberforgiftandreaaDo you like that chick? I got super creative with Word. ANYWAYS — HUGE CONGRATS TO ANDREA! She lives in AZ where it is sunny and beautiful and I would like to be transported there immediately. Andrea- enjoy the treats and thanks for reading!

On a completely unrelated note, I started a bookclub with some girls and one of the girls found these cute Kate Spade book totes –



They are from The Strand (here) and completely affordable and¬†adorable. This bag literally is the best Christmas gift to myself and makes me slightly more excited to read. I can’t wait for our first meeting January. I am hosting and am planning a menu of lots of wine, conversation, and hummus. SO PUMPED.

Need a gift for a book lover? Buy them a tote!




Giveaway for Christmas: A Pretty Little Gift

Things I love about Christmas and the Holiday season –

The movie Love Actually
An excuse to hang large socks and stuff them full of random things
The way kids’ eyes light up when Santa’s name is mentioned
Giving – giving your time, giving gifts, giving into cookies
The way snow falls and how it really is silent
Kissing outside and the only thing that is warm are the lips meeting
Family visits and visiting family
Time off to spend time doing things you love
Getting lost in a good book while getting lost in the cushion of a good couch

And many more things.

So in the spirit of Christmas, and during this time of giving, I’m giving away to one lucky reader a little sweet gift from the fabulous store Catching Fireflies¬†(if you are in metro-Detroit, check them out or if you live elsewhere, shop online!) :

I just love the tree in the background. And yes, I planned that.

I just love the tree in the background. And yes, I planned that.

First, a wall art sign that has quite a fantastic saying if I do say so myself:

How true is that? Love it.

How true is that? Love it.

A magnet with a fun and inspiring little reminder:

I just adore this cupcake.

I just adore this cupcake.

And for relaxation, a bath tea:

Ahhhhh I almost kept this for myself!

Ahhhhh I almost kept this for myself! And my nails are horrible looking. Ignore.

So, how can you win this sweet little package???

Simple. Just comment on this post, answering this question:

What is your favorite thing about the Christmas season?

Is it the weather? The random people doing good deeds. The presents (it is okay if you put this, I will not judge you). The eggnog (gross, once again I will not judge you). Tell me what really makes your heart smile. My favorite thing is seeing family and giving presents!

Giveaway ends on Friday the 13th at Midnight.

Winner will be announced on the blog! Good luck lovely friends xoxo

What a fun little grouping of things.

What a fun little grouping of things.



WINNER of knitted headband & some Fabulous news!

If you entered the contest, I have to say first thank you and second, your comments made me warm and want to immediately bundle up in every heavy clothing item I own.

But I didn’t because then I’d look like Randy:


So, what is the most popular item to keep warm?

Here is a chart with answers…. scarves were a big hit:

Car Seat Warmer… Love that one. A warm butt is a happy person!

Anyways, I selected the winner using a random generator….


Do you like my deco font? I'm Gatsby-crazed.

Do you like my deco font? I’m Gatsby-crazed.

Suzie¬†H. is zee winner! And I obviously have Art Deco on the brain and had to type her name in Gatsby font…. ANYWAYS, congrats ! A new knitted headband will be coming your way!

Now for some fabulous news…. I bought these headbands at a whimsical, unique store Catching Fireflies.¬†They have three shops in Michigan – located in Ann Arbor, Berkley, and Rochester.

That last store is where I shop at and they were hiring for holiday help and well, I’m going to work there this holiday. I am very excited. A little extra money for the wedding¬†and¬†I can’t wait to help defend the amazing-ness of the knitted headband, set up displays of scented soaps and pretty jewelry, and gift wrap presents. SO PUMPED. They also have a hot chocolate station IN THE STORE, so hopefully I don’t burn my tongue or drink myself into a chocolate coma. Tempting.

If you live in this area, you should TOTALLY check out this store! Perfect for finding gifts for anyone or a little treat for yourself ūüôā

Happy Saturday- I am working on wedding things today…. that involve wine bottles and lots (LIKE A LOT) of¬†feathers.



GIVEAWAY: Knitted Headband

This weekend I stopped by a chic boutique where my cousin works and bought this knitted headband:

Yo. I got no makeup but my head is happy.

Yo. I got no makeup but my head is happy.

I’ve got to admit something to yawlllll.

Here it goes-

I am SLIGHTLY self-conscious about my head because it is tiny. And usually, I have a hard time wearing headbands and things on my head because they kind of gulf my entire upper half and make me look like Lady Gaga:

Is her head small? Is the hat big? WHAT IS GOING ON.

Is her head small? Is the hat big? WHAT IS GOING ON.

But somehow this knitted headband was perfect for small-heads like me. The person that made this headband must have understood that some skulls are smaller, and for that, I am forever grateful.

It has a massive flower in one corner and a large wooden button in the back:

I love it because unlike a regular winter hat, this knitted headband does the following:

  • You do not get hat hair. I LOATHE HAT HAIR. Hat hair is the worst, especially when you are on a date and did your hair and trying to look oh-so-cute… but have to wear a hair-ruining hat OR freeze to death and die on the date. No girl should have to sacrifice their cute hair to stay warm. SERIOUSLY-¬†We can send people to the moon, we should be able to maintain our perfectly manicured hairstyle while keeping our noggins warm.
  • You can wear the headband with your hair down (a hat can achieve this look too).
  • You can wear your hair in a high-ponytail (something a hat wishes it could do):
High ponytail! Perfecto.

High ponytail! Perfecto.

  • You can also wear it underneath all your hair, like a traditional wrap-around headband and it looks so dang cute:

I am so obsessed with this headband that I did not take it off when I got home, cooked dinner wearing it, and even ate at the table. Mr. Speedy indulged my obsession but finally mentioned that I might be over-heating my head….

Since I love it so much, I am giving away ONE (1) pretty knitted headband to one lucky reader.

Very simple – just comment on this post below, answering this question:

—–> What is your favorite thing to wear during the colder months?

Do you love to wear mittens or gloves? Love staying bundled up with a heavy scarf? Have a favorite jacket or fuzzy pair of socks? What  do you wear that keeps you warm and full of smiles ???

Mine USED to be my long fluffy jacket that goes down to my knees. It is super warm and keeps my butt and legs warm (I’ll never wear a short winter jacket again), but now I think it might be this headband.

Contest ends FRIDAY night at midnight (eastern time)…. WINNER WILL BE ANNOUNCED OVER THE WEEKEND.¬†

Good luck! It would make a great gift for anyone too! ♥



WINNER: Run Like A Girl

Sorry this is a day late…. moving is super busy and I have limited internet at the moment!!! Please bare with me. I mean bear.


Let me just say, I am going to start collecting used copies of this book to repeat this giveaway.

I am not joking.

Be patient- you’ll eventually win one… because you all deserve a copy. It is that amazing and so are you.

But, some lucky reader will get a copy right away…


I went online to a random number generator, plugged in the information. Prior to this, on all giveaways, I have been writing down every commenter’s name on a tiny piece of paper, mixing them all in a bowl, and selecting a winner.

I have no idea for the life of me why I did not think to use the all-powerful, all-knowing internet to generate a winner. Way easier. And there is no mess of paper shreds.

This is what the random generator selected:

Lucky comment #7....

Lucky comment #7….

The #7 comment on the giveaway, was –


OH MY AMAZING- I know for a fact that Ashley will ENJOY it and hopefully read every single page immediately. Her blog is here and¬†it is a cute, fun-lovin’ blog to read. She offers great music choices, advice, and is¬†honest and open. She¬†is currently nursing her body back from an injury from running… and there is a whole section in this book devoted to that anxiety-filled, down-time.


I have to go finishing packing/un-packing my entire life now. And then make-out with Mr. Speedy in our new bedroom for approximately 3546322 hours.



Book Giveaway: Run Like A Girl

I’m giving away one (1) copy of this amazing book:

Run Like A Girl: How Strong Women Make Happy Lives


I fell in love with this book over two years ago, just after it was published in March 2011. The author, Mina Samuels (read about her here) writes from various voices- her own, famous female athletes, every day female athletes, sport medicine experts, and much more. Previously, she was a lawyer and then realized she wanted to write and needed to publish. I love authors who are from a completely different field of work. I think it adds some variety to their writing. She writes in a very factual, entertaining way that is full of statistics and interviews that will keep you reading.

She dives into WHY there is a pull, a need, to run or perform some sort of physical exercise. How does this exercise differ when females run solo? In a group? With a partner? What does training together do to a relationship? What does having an active lifestyle do to a person? How are they physically stronger in the end? Happier? Logical? There is a science to those endorphins released and Samuels hits the nail on the head explaining every little body benefit.

I love it.

I could go and on but the bottom line is that this book is a truthful read- perfect for any female (or male- guys can get some perspective too) athlete.

Because I love it and running and being a strong, healthy girl, I am giving you a chance to win a copy- all you have to do is comment below, answering this question:

What are yours plans for this weekend?

Are you going somewhere fun? Have any races planned? Are you planning to drink wine and read books and relax? Just leave your comment (be sure to be logged in or enter email) and you are in the running (no pun intended) for this wonderful book!

Winner will be announced Friday, July 19th by 8pm Eastern Time. Only one comment per person!

WINNER: Beauitful Handmade Ring Dish!

The giveaway has ended and a winner has been selected from a pile of paper clippers with everyone’s name on it.

Let me first say that I simple LOVED everyone’s jewelry answers. I love all the stories behind each one!

Here is the breakdown of favorite jewelry:

Love ring = engagement or wedding band.

Love ring = engagement or wedding band.

I was actually shocked that there were not any watches… I love my watch. But I can see how watches are not nearly as fun as earrings because they help you stay on time and remind you that you are running late for important things.

Anyways, the WINNER is:

WINShe wrote that she loves her earring/ring set from her boyfriend…. Sounds lovely! What a sweet boyfriend.

I will ship your pretty dish soon and I hope you enjoy it! We are now matching dish people.






Giveaway: Beautiful Handmade Ring Dish!

I have come to realize that I like to take my engagement ring off when I a)shower  or b)clean the dishes or c)shovel manure.

(I never do C just to let you know…)

That being said, I have been wanting to invest in a pretty little dish to place my sparkly band of love.

While surfing Etsy, I found ChrissyAnnCeramics and fell in love with this:



She makes these pretty pottery pieces right in New Bedford, MA. How lovely!

It is stamped with a simple ‘I love you’ in French. How chic!

I love the package that it comes in.

I love the package that it comes in.

She also sells bridesmaid gifts:

Adorable and personal.

Adorable and personal.

And lovely dishes you can use:


Perfect to hold trinkets, snacks, or anything small.

Perfect for a small biscuit or cookie!

Aren’t these pieces just lovely?

The Giveaway

I ordered one ring dish for myself and one for a lucky reader



To enter the giveaway all you have to do is comment on this blog post, answering this question:

What is your favorite piece of jewelry?

Do you have a watch that means a lot to you? Or perhaps a pair of pearl earrings that are from a relative. Let me know, what is your favorite piece of jewelry.

Mine is (obviously) my engagement ring from Mr. Speedy. My favorite part of it is that inside the band, he inscribed the words You mean everything to me. I can’t imagine any better words.

I have such a creepy pinky. Ew.

I have such a creepy pinky. Ew.

Giveaway ends Monday at midnight and winner will be announced Tuesday, May 21st!

Can’t wait to get this!



Winner Announced! Giveaway: Craft-A-Day

Fist of all, thank you for particpiating in the giveaway.
I LOVED all the trips that were suggested and plan to make them all… eventually.

This is where Mr. Speedy and I will be traveling:

I would like to go to Pairs first please.

I would like to go to Pairs first please.

All very good ideas.

And now for the winner…. ::drumroll::



OMGEE- Congrats! I will contact you and get you the book.

Stay tuned for another giveaway… I’m thinking running goo and gel next time. Or a pair of socks. Or a pack of gum. Or maybe all three???

Speaking of running, I am running a half-marathon tomorrow morning. More specifically, the half where a year ago, Mr. Speedy and I were introduced.

He ha the best legs and arms.... and torso, butt, and all other spots.

One year with this man = best year ever

After the race, Mr. Speedy has planned a “secret, surprise” trip somewhere for us until Sunday night. I have no idea where we are going or what we are doing but he told me to pack some nice outfits, my bikini, and camera. I am nervous, anxious, excited, emotional, romantic, passionate, sweaty, and spastastic all at once. It will be a grand time, I am sure of it.

Something tells me I should also bring wine…. xoxo


PS If you are racing this weekend- good luck! If you are not racing this weekend- still, good luck!

Giveaway: Craft-A-Day book


I’m giving away one (1) copy of this lovely craft book! It is by the talented Sarah Goldschadt and available here.

Check it out:


You can learn how to make sweet props for fun parties or photoshoots!

This is one of many cute little animal crafts... penguins, turtles, you name it!

This is one of many cute little animal crafts… penguins, turtles, you name it!



This book is chock full of crafty ideas for those who enjoy doing a little cutting, sewing, and creating.

Learn how to make:

  • ¬†Magnets
  • Cupcake toppers
  • Garlands
  • Cards
  • Wall art
  • Finger puppets

To enter:

Just comment on this post, answering this question-


Should we head South or go out West? Should we backpack in Italy or smooch in Paris? Should we go to Iceland and freeze our toes off or come visit you and have tea?

Winner will be annouced Friday, you may enter up until Midnight on Thursday (eastern time).

.... Please don't suggest a road trip. I am not the best traveler.

…. Please don’t suggest a road trip. I am not the best traveler.

*Note: When you comment, it will require you to enter your email (don’t worry, it doesn’t show up!)… and that is how I will contact you if you win. So make sure you enter a legit email or else no book for you.