Valentine, You Make Me Laugh

Happy Valentine’s Day!

This is very true.

This is very true.

More importantly…. happy Friday and helloooooo weekend!

I’ll keep this short and sweet.

Last night, I prepped myself for date night tonight- this included shaving my legs (pretty big deal).


Mr. Speedy and I are planning on having a dinner in (he is cooking the meal). I love it when he cooks and I love dates in. You can really capitalize on being in the privacy of your own home and a)make-out all the time b) have instant bathroom access- no waiting in line at the women’s stalls and c) you don’t need to wear pants. What is better than not wearing pants??

I am going to keep it classy though and will probably end up wearing this new top I got awhile go and who knows what else. Maybe I just will wear a sundress and pretend if is summer since we are staying in our toasty home?


So true.

I hope you all have a wonderful day, my dear friends.

And if for some reason you are getting picked up somewhere by someone, I hope you don’t get left behind.


This has been making me laugh for weeks. Poor Carl.

May all your hopes and dreams come true !



Lily who-gets-to-be-with-her-dream-guy-tonight-and-has-smooth-legs-and-just-might-not-wear-pants-to-dinner


Our First Christmas: New Recipes and New Memories

Holiday dinner success.

Holiday dinner success.

After returning from our lovely visit in Nebraska (another blog I need to post), Mr. Speedy and I hosted our first formal family dinner with my family.

I could barely contain my excitement. Our first time hosting Christmas! Our first Christmas in our new home! Our first time cooking a formal feast! Our first time using the fine china!

If you have hosted a meal, I am sure you felt the pang of panic the day before as you prepared everything. The grocery list, how many extra chairs are needed, what type of linen should be used, and how many bottles on wine should be bought. The key to this whole process I found was actually planning the meal and preparing ahead of time, rather than day of the event.

Kind of like planning the wedding- get as much done ahead of time, and it’ll be smooth sailing.

The day before, the following was done:

  • Set-up extra seating
  • Plan out meal, go grocery shopping
  • Chop and slice all ingredients, set aside
  • Measure out dry ingredients, set aside
  • Bake all desserts (if possible), set aside
  • Prepare all table linen, menus, etc.

That last bullet – which is totally not necessary unless you are a decorating freak like me – is something that I went a little crazy on. For Christmas, Mr. Speedy bought me a Prima Press Alphabet Stamp set. AMAZING GIFT. Little did he know how far his $20 present went because I got it in my head to handstamp out EVERYTHING. Name cards, menus, bar list, dessert labels, and appetizers. I think I stamped for about 3 hours straight and had ink all over myself, but it was SO worth the effort. They looked simply fantastic:

Menus and name cards.

Menus and name cards.

The bar list. Come and drink.

The bar list. Come and drink.

Dessert bar.

Dessert bar.



Another little extra I found for only $1 at Michaels, were Christmas themed cupcake toppers and cocktail napkins. How awesome are these??



Our new coasters and the napkins!

Our new coasters and the napkins!

Moving on, I also wanted to FINALLY use some lovely gifts we got from our Nebraska bridal shower. Our gold plate chargers and water pitcher were both gifts from Mr. Speedy’s mother and were perfect. All the fine china was used for the first time, a family heirloom from my Nonna. The candelabra was a gift from my parents. How exciting it was to mix items from all over, to create a formal atmosphere:

Love this water pitcher!

Love this water pitcher!



I really like Pirate's face.

I really like Pirate’s face.


What did I cook???

All recipe are SUPER EASY (I promise) and very tasty. Some recipes are pre-made others are made from scratch. Enjoy:


So much ham.

So much ham.

This ham is super easy – it is pre-cooked and pre-glazed from the store. Although this may seem like cheating, it is not. Your guests will never know and you can tell them that you actually went out and hand-picked the pig that is now on the table and watch their mouths drop. To heat this up, wrap it up in foil and put in in the oven at 350 degrees for about 1.5 hours. So juicy and tasty.


So tasty.

So tasty.

Just like the ham, this was a pre-made soup. All I did was pour it into a saucepan and heat up. If you are really ambitious, then feel free to make it from scratch. DON’T JUDGE ME FOR SERVING THIS.


These were simply delicious.

These were simply delicious.

(Makes 8 servings)

3/4 cup balsamic vinegar
3/4 cup sugar
3 pounds of brussel sprouts
olive oil
salt and pepper
3/4 cup dried cranberries

  1. First, make the balsamic glaze. You can do this early in the morning, and set it aside for later.
  2. Pour vinegar and sugar into a small saucepan and bring to boil over medium-high heat.
  3. Reduce heat to medium-low and cook for 15 minutes, or until the sauce thickens a bit (might need to add sugar).
  4. Remove it and set aside.
  5. Rinse sprouts and slice them in half (I did this the day before).
  6. Spread them in a single layer on baking sheets.
  7. Using a brush, brush olive oil over them all and then sprinkle salt and pepper to taste.
  8. Roast for about 25 minutes at 400 degrees, or until they are crisp and have some brown leaves.
  9. Pile them on a large serving tray, sprinkle the dried cranberries all over the top.
  10. Slowly pour the balsamic glaze all over.
  11. SERVE!


These are tiny but tasty!

These are tiny but tasty!

Serves 12

6 garlic cloves, minced
1-2 Tbl. rosemary, minced
1 stick of butter
6 pounds of fingerlings potatoes (assorted colors), keep skin on but wash
salt and pepper
2 Tbl. fresh parsley, minced

  1.  Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
  2. Mince the garlic , rosemary, parsley – keeping them all separate. (I did this the day before).
  3. Melt the butter in a small skillet over medium heat, then add rosemary and garlic.
  4. Reduce the heat to low and simmer for 5 minutes.
  5. Arrange potatoes on baking sheet and coat with butter mixture.
  6. Roast them for 40-45 minutes.
  7. Arrange them on a large platter, add salt and pepper, and sprinkle parsley over the top.
  8. Enjoy!


Globs of chocolate everywhere.

Globs of chocolate everywhere.

Please note: These are not very pretty as I completely messed up melting the chocolate. Still edible, just not pretty.

24 ounces of semisweet chocolate chips
6 ounces of white chocolate chips
2 containers of strawberries

  1. Grab a baking sheet and layer it with parchment paper.
  2. Melt the semisweet chocolate in a glass bowl with the microwave OR in a saucepan.
  3. Dip a strawberry into melted chocolate, rolling it to coat all sides.
  4. Lay it on parchment paper.
  5. Repeat with all strawberries.
  6. Let chocolate harden on strawberries for 30 minutes in a cool area (I put mine in the freezer but you could put them in a garage or outside, if cold enough outside)
  7. Melt the white chocolate and using a butter knife, dip it into white chocolate and then drizzle designs over the dipped strawberries.
  8. You could also re-dip the strawberry into the white chocolate, to add another layer of yumminess.
  9. Decorate the remaining strawberries with the white chocolate.
  10. Let harden for 30 minutes as previous done in step 6.
  11. Serve them on a pretty stand! Or pack them up and give away.




Ha. These were store bought. No way was I going to make cupcakes from scratch, along with frosting. The package I bought from the store INCLUDED frosting, so it was obviously the perfect buy.


Sorry for the long post, but there you have it. I think I might make those brussel sprouts as a traditional side dish every Christmas. It is fun how every family does their own traditions with meals. Mr. Speedy’s family has chili and cinnamon rolls on Christmas Eve. Does your family have any traditional meals during the holidays??

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas!


Stamp-Crazed Lily

The best picture we have ever taken.

The best picture we have ever taken.

Thankful for Friends I’ve Never Met


This is my house.... KIDDING. I wish.

This is my house…. KIDDING. I wish.

Isn’t this picture just darling? Find it here, along with the printables so you can make the sweet banner and signs. It even comes with menus. Gush. Drool. I DIE. I can’t wait to host a holiday and make all these cute things and personalize the entire event!

Anyways, I am not hosting Thanksgiving (my Godmother is and Mr. Speedy, along with my family, are going) but I am thankful for a whole lot.

Here are just a few things to start your Thanksgiving off with a smile-

1. That I have gained an eye for fashion and no longer wear red sweatsuits and have to run away from lake water.



2. For dissss legzzzz:

Mhhmmmm these legs.

Mhhmmmm these legs.

3. Speaking of those legs, I am also thankful that the man in my life understands my need for decorations and celebrated my birthday by having streamers everywhere, balloons, and a mini cake. BEST BIRTHDAY EVER:

Mr. Speedy took this. How sweet.

Mr. Speedy took this. How sweet.

4. For my inability to understand directions. If I did understand them, my life would be so much more boring.

5. For this small child in a puffy tutu, whom would not be in my life had I not met Mr. Speedy. She will also be one of two flowergirls in our wedding:

I hope she rolls down the aisle. That would be epic.

I hope she rolls down the aisle. That would be epic.

6. For my dear friend Brittany and Megan who are traveling across the country and renting a horse to come to my wedding. (They aren’t really renting a horse but I thought that added a bit of drama to the whole thing). And you know what is so dang special about these two friends of mine… WE HAVE NEVER MET. Nadda. Zero. Zilch. We have been friends in the blogging world for years and now we have a reason (maaawrriage) to meet up.

Isn’t it crazy how you get connect to people even when you’ve never actually met them? I feel like it is a special form of friendship because we read and write to each other and take the time to communicate in a somewhat lost form.

Horses pulling a carriage.

Horses pulling a carriage. Luckily, they are not traveling this dangerous way.

I really am thankful for these two ladies. I am really excited to get a picture of all three of us TOGETHER in the flesh. It’ll be amazing.

7. For how awesome running is and how it can change your day. Running gives me such joy. Seriously.

8. For thisssssss and my friend from college, J, whom I find funny, creative, and inspiring. She is awesome.

Wineee with friends!

Wineee with friends!

9. For Pirate, mother, hippie sister, smelly brothers, and my whole dang family. They are ze best. They are all mine. They understand me.

10. For marraige. I am thankful that such a thing exists. I am excited to join the marriage club and wear a wedding ring. I am excited to share the same last name and call Mr. Speedy my husband and bear his children and grow old together and make an entire life of memories.



I lost those sunglasses later that day. Tragic.

What are you thankful for today?


Thankful Lily


Ardently Yours

I like to think I am semi-talented at poem writing, espeically when the subject is close to my heart. This poem I wrote after only knowning Mr. Speedy for three weeks, a point when I already knew that I had found the man I would spend the rest of my life adoring, loving, supporting, and kissing.

He was it for me. No doubts about it.


Ardently Yours

I met you at the finish line
After a half-marathon race
My nose was full of boogers
But perfect was your face

I could not stop thinking about you
The handsome runner who won
And you thought about me
And my spandex little buns

A few days later you called me
My heart skipped all about
Saturday we would have a date
I was all smiles, no pouts

We ran an easy 8 miles
Then met for a dinner with wine
I could not stop staring at you
Your were lookin’ mighty fine

On the couch, you said “Look at me”
And then put your lips to mine
Millions of tiny tingles
Ran straight up my spine

Ten steamy days later
You backed me up to your truck
Whispered ‘I love you’
I could not believe my luck

Curled beside you in bed,
“I’m going to marry you” I said
You held me close as ever
And agreed we would wed

Our days together are happy,
For you I always want to cook
And rub your blistered feet,
One day I’ll write a love book.

You always take care of me
I really love your thick hair
And the crinkles in your nose
Your eyes laid my soul bare.

Mr. Speedy, your my best-
friend, supporter, and mate
I love you more than ever
I know that this is fate.

Cupcake Monster, PB Monster, Lake Monster

Lillyan, also known as my mini-name twin, also known as Mr. Speedy’s niece, also known as my future baby niece, also known as the child of Mr. Speedy’s sister who styles hair, was at the wedding this weekend.

I feel like she is finally recognizing me:

"Hi... do you remember me? We have the same name."

“Hi… do you remember me? We have the same name.”

And by recognizing me I mean that she blankly stares at me, thinks baby thoughts, and contemplates about what is dangling from my earlobes and why I like to repetitively kiss her uncle and squeeze his butt.

Can you believe she has had THREE kids? I hope I look like that.

Can you believe she has had THREE kids? I hope I look like that.

Please disregard my ONE RED-EYE in the above photo. I am part vampire.

Anyways, during the reception, little Lillyan truly showed off her liking for fruit.
She loves grapes and watermelon.
She also love plastic water bottles, capping and uncapping them.
One thing that I did not know about her was that she loves, I mean LOVES, cupcakes.

Specifically, the icing on top-

"This icing. It is good."

“This icing. It is good.”

When we tried to ration her intake, she panicked and gave us this face:



When I told her to smile, she gave me smirk full of frosting (unfortunately, my camera phone ruined this a bit but it is still cute):

"Oh stop.... this is just too much!"

“Oh stop…. this is just too much!”

It was a hoot watching her eat this thing. Sometimes when you aren’t around little kids that much, you forget how carefree they are when they consume sugary treats… or anything for that matter. This reminded me of a long, long time ago when Louis was tiny and somehow managed to capture the PB jar, unscrew the cap, and stick his whole forearm in it while smearing the sweet goopey goodness all over his mouth, face, and head.

We found him like this:

"I am a human Winne the Pooh."

“I am a human Winne the Pooh.”

"You can't have any hehe. Its MINE."

“You can’t have any hehe. Its MINE.”

This was circa 1996. Quite some time ago.

What was I up to during this period?

Oh, I was doing this:



Yep, that is me in the awesome red sweat suit (I was extremely chic) and my sister is the foreground, obviously about to turn away, fearing for her life.

This was taken on a family boat trip. I won’t bore you with extreme details of our family trips- filled with safety vests and waves and getting soaked by hurricanes, but they were intense trips. Pirate always thought it was ‘free fun’ to send us off on the pier during huge white-cap conditions and get ‘splashed.’ Getting splashed by these waves is equivalent to having a power washer shot directly at you within 3 feet. Or walking through a high-speed car wash with no clothes on.

I believe here I was questioning how long I had left to live and how to dry my underwear and if I would ever kiss a boy or meet a Prince Charming and if I’d ever finish the rest of the Box Car children books and if getting smacked by a cold lake wave qualified as showering.

Luckily, I survived this trip.

And ended up kissing Prince Charming and learned how to shower without lake water:

This was at the wedding. Mr. Speedy's friends were extremely happy to be a part of our photo.

This was at the wedding. Mr. Speedy’s friends were extremely happy to be a part of our photo.

SO baby Lillyan, even though you consume cupcakes like a messy carnivore, you will eventually grow up and fall in love and be a lovely lady.

Same thing with Louis, except he will be a lovely man.

I am excited to watch her grow up and be a part of my family, along with the other kids.

I am excited to eat more cupcakes and teach her to avoid getting swept away by monstrous waves.

I will be such a good, strange Aunt.



Girlfriend Reminiscing

Despite my dislike for road trips and the 4 am sleep-deprived departure, we made it to Iowa State University for the wedding.

After unpacking and getting settled into our quaint room, we tied up our laces and went for a quick run.

I'm only a little sweaty.

I am only a little sweaty.

After being far removed for the academic realm, it was a bit of a homecoming running around a campus.

I forgot how opulent and imposing the buildings can be.
I forgot how it felt running past all those dormitories and almost imagining the lofted beds, desks, and dressers.
I forgot how awestruck I got whenever I ran past a row of fraternity and sorority houses- each one showcasing a style and personality.
I forgot how much I associated with that student that was lugging the backpack that was twice her size.
I forgot how much I enjoyed running through the surrounding neighborhoods of the die-hard university fans.

Basically, I forgot how I used to live and breathe school.

But I do remember some things.
I do remember the horrible cafeteria food (except for the humus and wet burritos).
I do remember the girls I forged friendships with, girls of all ages.
These girls were the loveliest of all- the were smart, beautifully packed full of dreams, thoughts, and ideas.
They were thoughtful individuals with full, happy hearts.

We would get together to watch our favorite shows or shop when we really didn’t need to buy anything. We both knew that but we always accepted a shopping trip- enjoying the company and sharing opinions of the storefront manican’s outfit.

I do remember doing each other’s hair.

That would be a big help, because I can’t curl my hair very well:

But this IS curly.... Just pretend it is. Thanks.

But this IS curly…. Just pretend it is. Thanks.

Just as a side note, after realizing I really can’t do my own hair, I asked Mr. Speedy to do mine and he caught my goofy-smile-please-help-me look:

Do you want to curlzzz my hair??

Do you want to curlzzz my hair??

Luckily, tonight (while Mr. Speedy is being a groomsman in a tux) I will not getting ready for the wedding alone.

No, I did not kidnap an unsuspecting sorority girl while on my run.
No, I did not book an appointment at a salon.
No, I did not get blessed with skills of Edward Scissorhands overnight.

Mr. Speedy’s sister, who is an extremely talented stylist and super girly, will be getting ready for the nuptials with me.
She is driving in from Nebraska, husband and two children in tow, and will most likely arrive looking more put-together than most.
She is such a blessing to have in my life. Specially, before events where one’s hair must be done.

It is funny…. being on a college campus and reminiscing about all those fun times with girls and getting ready.
Because now I have a new friend (soon-to-be-sister) who is in my life, to get ready with just like the old college days.

So to all my girlfriends, friends, and readers-

Remember it is never to late to make new friends and never to late to encourage the old.
And may you always have someone at your side to laugh with and curl your hair.
You are never too old, too young, too busy, too anything not to enjoy the pleasure of another’s company.


(I am getting a little seirous- I blame all the memories, two glasses of wine I’ve downed, and romantic setting. Please don’t hate me.)



PS I knew you would want to know- so know you know what the car ride was like:

Just in case you were wondering what I did during the car ride.

Just in case you were wondering what I did during the car ride.

An Engagement Gift for Him: DO IT

Generally, men do not receive a gift from the women after they pop the question.

But, because I love Mr. Speedy to a sickening amount and want to sign over all my paychecks to him and shower him with presents to the utmost degree, I went ahead and secretly bought him an engagement gift to receive after he popped the question.

It was this-

a 15-piece combo kit of 18V lithium-ion-I-don’t-really-know tools:

I don't know what these do but apparently, they are really neat.

I don’t know what these do but apparently, they are really neat.

If you really want to know more, it is available here in full detail.

Previous to buying this, Mr. Speedy and I had a conversation regarding a possible gift for him.
It went like this:

Me:  “So… may I buy you something for when we get engaged?”
Mr.Speedy: “Why?”
Me: “Because you are spending a million dollars on a ring and deserve something you want.”
Mr. Speedy: “All I want is you, so by accepting me, I already will have all I want.”


After he said that and I picked my jaw off the floor and recovered from my spaghetti legs, I told myself that I was going to buy him a gift because his answer was so simple, yet so meaningful and  so him, how could I not buy it for him?

After driving home from our secret engagement getaway, the big box of tools was waiting from him:


He went a little nuts.

He went a little nuts.

"I love you tool."

“I love you tool.”

The tools came with a really neat bag on wheels and Mr. Speedy finds it necessary to travel everywhere with them.

He takes them to work. He keeps them outside his room. He brings them to my house. His friends come over and gawk at them and practice removing and re-attaching things.

They are very practical, these tools. He just used them this weekend to fix my car like a professional.

To him, this is FUN:

Do you see ALL HIS TOOLS? Big red carts and blue bag.

Do you see ALL HIS TOOLS? Big red carts and blue bag.

He was in the zone.

He was in the zone.

I have no idea what he is doing.

I have no idea what he is doing.

Moral of the Story:

Buy him an engagement gift. It could be a photo book, a shirt he really wants, a boatload of tools, or  trip somewhere. Anything. I am so happy I bought him these tools even though they are attached to his hip and make him want to power drill things constantly.

(That sounds dirty…. it is not).

I am going to have to SERIOUSLY control my spending for his wedding gift. I can’t say much (because I think Mr. Speedy reads this) but I did purchase something and wasn’t planning on it, but just HAD to get it and well…. I would like to purchase him something to give him every 10 minutes leading up to the wedding, but I think that is a bit much. And I might go into serious debt and need to sell my talents- which are non-existent.

Is it bad that I want to spend more for his gifts than….. anything else?

Oh well…. YOMO (You Only Marry Once) — I just made that up.

Don’t judge me.



Seriously though, what are my talents?

Alternative Titles

Title: Captain Forearms
Alternative Titles: Beloved, Be Still my Heart, Hunky Runner, Sweet Sweat of my Life, Can I Kiss You, I-think-I-might-faint, Forever Mine, Perfect Arms, Turn-my-Legs-to-Mush Man

Title: Small Lillyan with Tiny Puppy
Pint-sized Peeps, Too Cute for Words, I-Think-I-Want-to-Reproduce, Tot with Toto, Baby and Baby Hair and Baby Puppy, Love Overload

Title: Pensive Lady
Alternative Titles: Weird One, Lady with Eyebrows, Woman Who Thinks A Lot, Feed Me, The Look of Love, Thinking is Difficult, Senior Photo Redo, I Wear Boat Shoes but On a Bed

Title: Snowy Runner
Alternative Titles: Freezing Franny, Snowflake Attack, My Love is Cold, My Love is Frozen, Heat Me Up, Runner Gone Wild, Scary and Sweaty, I Run in Anything, Extreme Jogger

Title: How to Hold a Newborn
Alternative Titles: Get Me Down Please, You Are Doing it Wrong, Babies Flee From Lady, Planning an Escape, Woman with No Womanly Abilities, Football or Baby, Babysitting at its Finest, I need to brush my hair, Moments Before the Spit-up, Back Burping

Enough of that.
Thanks for listening.


Underneath the Moonlight

As mentioned in my previous post, Mr. Speedy had planned a surprise, secret getaway for us after the half-marathon.

Little did I know that I would leave as a girlfriend and return as a fiancé.

If you enjoy romantic stories and sunsets- read on.

I suggest playing ‘Cosmic Love’ by Florence + the Machine while you read for lovely drama that will make you tear-up.



“Hurry up, we have to get on the road,” he smiled at me.

“Ok, ok, I’ll be ready in a few,” I lied. My hair was still dripping wet from the longer-than-normal shower (I HAD to shave my legs, no way was I going to sport hairy limbs). I couldn’t think straight…. What if he asked me tonight? What perfume should I wear? What dress should I pack? Why didn’t I shop? What style is appropriate for possibly the best night ever? Tight? Long? Blue? Light blue? And what heels? OH MY, I NEED A PERSONAL ASSISTANT STAT.

I brushed my teeth like a crazed lunatic as I examined myself in the mirror. I should have had my eyebrows waxed, they were like bushy caterpillars. I wasn’t fit for human eyes, especially the piercing eyes of the handsome, magnetic Mr. Speedy, who by now was growing slightly impatient.

Rummaging in my closet, I tried to find a dress appropriate. I opted for a pencil-styled navy blue dress. Classic. Simple. Audrey Hepburn would approve.

Suitcase in hand, I threw it into the back seat of the car, and Mr. Speedy started driving north.

North. And North. And more North. A couple of hours passed.

“Do you know where we are going, yet?” he asked.

“Uh….no,” I responded. I could have said IS THERE A RING IN THIS VEHICLE SOMEWHERE, but… I resisted.

“Well… we are going to Petoskey. To the Inn at Bay Harbor…. just a little us time. To celebrate a year.”

As my mouth proceeded to drop into my lap, my heart began to beat quicker… The Inn is one of those romantic places reserved for intimate, priceless moments. And where is this place located… put your LEFT hand in front of you, and it is at the very top of the RING finger…

When we pulled up to the entrance, it did not disappoint my young heart’s envisions.

You know the scene when Carrie and Big find the apartment of their dreams and Carrie is like ‘Hello, I live here.’ Well, that is how I felt when we got there. ‘Hello, I vacation here.’

The Inn at Bay Harbor <– let your jaw-drop

Our room could hardly be called a room. It was more of a condo. An apartment. A high-end suite. Fireplace, bar, kitchen, balcony, jacuzzi. Immediately I pulled out the bottle of wine and we toasted-

“To us,” Mr. Speedy said. “To having you in my life for a year and many more.”

Then, we took many pictures (click for larger view):

The next two hours became a combination of quiet whispers, wine glasses clinking, music drifting, bodies embracing, and the soft hues of the evening sky silently floating through the balcony breeze.

Mr. Speedy whispered in my ear, “So…,” and his grip around my waist tightened.

I hesitated for a moment and then launched into a full wine-induced emotional monologue. Sentence after sentence of how happy I was with him, how thankful I was for this amazing trip, how appreciative and utterly devoted I was to his lips, arms, and torso.

Smiling, he turned up the music and moved back towards me, burying his face into my neck.

“Let’s get dressed up and go watch the sunset,” he suggested. “Then we’ll have a nice dinner.”

Relieved that he gave me something to focus on other than the possibility of something else, I quickly got to work to curling my hair.

Luckily, no hairs were hurt.

Luckily, no hairs were hurt.


And then, hand-in-hand, we made our way down three flights and out to the secluded beach to enjoy the subtle, sinking of the sun.

Such a simple, everyday thing- a sunset. But as I walked beside Mr. Speedy, this one felt different. Important.





And more-

I thought maybe, just MAYBE, he might ask me something… and just as the sun dipped below the lake, he did ask me something-

“Want to go in for dinner?”

DO I WANT TO EAT DINNER???? Slightly confused and slightly dismayed, I agreed that dinner would be wonderful.

Situated in a little nook within the restaurant, I wondered if Mr. Speedy was thinking what I was thinking. I mean, if you take a girl to a lovely place equipped with a sunset to melt a thousand blizzards, she is probably going to think something very major is going to happen. I even took time to curl my pin-straight hair. I shaved my legs. I was wearing Daisy by Marc Jacobs, my Calvin Klein heels, and Michael Kors jacket. I had all the right guys with me. Was I mistaken?

I decided to completely turn off my compulsive romantic brain, and just enjoy the meal.

One bottle of wine, an order of shrimp and pesto bruschetta, and steak for two later, Mr. Speedy was leading me back outside, to the secluded beachfront, to enjoy the moonlight and star scattered sky.

But this time, I noticed he had one hand in his pocket and was not taking it out.

He turned towards me.

“Lily, you mean everything to me.”

I was speechless, he sometimes had that effect on me. His eyes were fixed on me. I melted in his arms once again.

“I know.”

We took a few more steps and then he stopped walking. Tugging my arm, I looked back and saw he was on his knee.

Immediately, my eyes began to brim with sweet, joyful tears. I felt as if we were enclosed in some kind of secret bubble. Only God and us. That was all that mattered.

He removed his hand from his plaid, pleasantly snug pants… and it held something shiny. Holy God… Oh this is happening, I said to myself. His face wore a sweet, sweet smile. A smile I could love forever.

“Lillian Robin Hergott… will you marry me?”

“…Yes,” I whispered back. “In front of God, yes.” Tiny bursts of tears.

And then before I knew it, my body become compelled to join him on his knees, and we were both kneeling, and kissing with only the type of fervor that people who just committed their lives to each other can kiss with. We rolled in the grass, my heart thumping wildly in my chest. After seconds, minutes, hours, we began to slow down our amateur make-out. Our lips parted and we agreed to not roll around on the grass like hooligans, and have a drink at the resort bar.

As we walked into the hotel, I realized something was on my finger. Up until this point, I did not even glance at my hand or notice that Mr. Speedy had slipped something on my left ring finger.

“Oh! I should probably look at my ring,” I said with giddiness.

Holy moses.

A bit over 2 carats (I know someone will want to know, so there it is), was a brilliant princess cut diamond, perfectly solitaire on a plain band of white gold-

Oh. Hi. Nice to meet you.

Oh. Hi. Nice to meet you.

Oh, is that is what is on my finger?

Oh, is that is what is on my finger?

As I stared at my ring and contemplated what this all meant, Mr. Speedy had another surprise for me.

“Look inside, the band,” he said.

Carefully peeking inside, I smiled and felt tears begin to form again-

You mean everything to me

“I wanted to put ‘I could watch you for a lifetime’ but it was too long…” he explained.

I smiled at him. “It is perfect.”

Both of those lines are from our song- Cinema covered by Jason Evigan.

As we approached the bar, we waved down our waitress explaining we just got engaged. Drinks were ordered- “It’s on the house,” the bartender explained. Smiles were everywhere. We probably made every other individual in close proximity slightly uncomfortable with our mushy composure, but I didn’t care!

I’m going to marry the man of my dreams. The man that is my equal, my match given to me by God.


Kissing in our Marriot robes on the balcony as an ENGAGED couple. Pretty big deal. Had to share it.

And hopefully, Mr. Speedy is happy to see this every morning for the rest of his life:


My first morning as a fiance.

Fiancé. It has a nice ring to it.



Whew. Gosh, sorry if that made you hot, bothered, uncomfortable, or awkward.

That was a long, passion filled post.

Thank you everyone- especially our families. Without your support, we would not be as strong.

Sincerely Love,

Lily aka Mr. Speedy’s future wife that promises to shave regularly 

Romantic Comedies = My Life

As a hopeless, mushy individual and who enjoys watching cheesy love stories, romantic comedies are my favorite.

Here is a haiku about them:

Love movies are great
Dorky girls find their soul mates
And believe in fate.

Wow, that was thrilling, wasn’t it?

I have come to realize that I often compare real-life situations to movie scenes.

Let me explain-

1. While You Were Sleeping

This is me. I am her. The end.

This is me. I am her. The end.

When the Boston bombs exploded, Mr. Speedy had already finished the race and was safe.

However, had he been injured and hospitalized, I immediately thought of Lucy and Peter and how she tells a nurse she was going to marry that man, and the nurse thinks she is his fiance. This is what I would have told any nurse, doctor, or janitor if it meant I was allowed to be by Mr. Speedy’s side. But I guess my life is different because I don’t think I’d fall in love with his brother while he is in a coma.

2. When Harry Met Sally

Change out blonde and add brunette.

Change out blonde and add brunette.

I have a problem committing to my order.

You know how Sally flips and flops on all her orders and wants everything on the side and no this and extra of that? That is me. I think it secretly drives Mr. Speedy slightly up the wall because it makes him appear like he is dating an indecisive, elusive woman. One time we were on a plane, and the stewardess asked for our drink order. This is how it went down:

Mr. Speedy: I’ll have a beer, please.
Stewardess: Ok… and for you, ma’am?
Me: I’ll have a…. beer…
Stewardess: OK-
Me: Actually, no, scratch that. I’ll have a bloody mary, as long as it is not spicy.
Stewardess: Ok, one bloody mary-
Me: Wait, no. I have changed my mind. I don’t want vodka quite this early. Perhaps, I’ll have a wine but only if it is white and sweet.
Mr. Speedy: (whispering) Lily, please just decide… you are holding up the line.
Me: Actually, forget everything. I would like a diet coke.

In the end, I believe I changed my choice once again and had wine. Or was it a beer? I can’t remember.

3. Must Love Dogs

This was basically like our first date.

This was basically like our first date.

On their first dinner date, Jake looks at Sarah in the middle of the meal and in he utmost serious manner, asks her to skip all the small talk and tell him the truth and everything about her.

Mr. Speedy, in so many words, said the same thing on our first dinner date.

Somewhere between the first and second bottle of wine, his eyes met mine and leaning in, he said –

“What are you vices? Tell me everything. I want to know all about you, your faults, your fears, everything.”

Just like Sarah, I was slightly taken aback by this upfront comment but also slightly awakened that this man across the table was the real deal and was being truthful.

Then, love unfolded upon us.

4. Sex and the City

I am dating Mr. Big, kind of. And my hair looks better than Carrie's, kind of.

I am dating Mr. Big, kind of. And my hair looks better than Carrie’s, kind of.

In the first film, do you remember the scene where Big picks up the tab for the luxury apartment that they are going to buy? And Carrie tells her girlfriends, “Just like that. Like he was picking up a check for dinner, I got it. I got it, he said. Just like that, no big deal.”

Often, Mr. Speedy picks up the tab for things, casually saying, “I got it.”

Like it is no big deal- no big deal he splurged on the best tires possible for my car, or bought me high-quality diamond earrings randomly, or picks up our dinner bill that includes bottles of wine and steak and mussels.

“I got it.”

Mr. Big is A LOT like Mr. Speedy…. terribly romantic, smoldering good looks that make me melt, and completely confident and cool in every move towards me that makes me blood boil and cheeks blush. Except he would never leave me at the altar… at least, I hope not.

5. The Desk Set

I just look these two!

I just look these two!

He is an engineer and she is a librarian.

How ironic because that is precisely what Mr. Speedy and I are, professionally speaking. I love how these two banter and the scene when she puts his shoes in the oven and forgets about them- that is totally something that I would have done. I haven’t ruined any of his shoes, but I have shrunk 98% of Mr. Speedy’s clothes in the dryer.

I shall learn the ways of washing clothes one day.

6. Sweet Home Alabama

Ok, he didn't propose and we weren't in Tiffanys but it was extremely similar.

Ok, he didn’t propose and we weren’t in Tiffanys but it was extremely similar.

BEFORE YOU FREAK OUT- I would like to clarify that he did NOT propose.

But this scene, where the couple is in Tiffany’s and he says ‘Pick out whatever one you want’ happened to me.

But we were in Nordstom.
And swap out diamond rings for Michael Kors watches.

Mr. Speedy led me to the display, pointed towards the shiny timepieces, and simply said ‘Go ahead, pick out whatever one you want.’

Immediately I thought of this movie and thanked my lucky stars.

Does anyone else do this? Is this normal?

Whatever. I love it. :::SWOON:::


Carrie B. aka Lily

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