A Corny Football Party

I have come to terms that I am a corny kind of gal.
I love corny jokes.
I love corny gestures of love.
I love corny corn muffins.

Mr. Speedy wanted to host a Super Bowl party and naturally, I had to decorate with corny signs. I also made corny corn muffins (it pairs nicely with chili).

Can I just once again stress how amazing FREE PRINTABLES are for parties??? Just google any theme and you can pretty much find some decorations.

If you enjoy parties or need some recipes, read ahead…

I found some great ones at Three Little Monkeys Studio (find them here) perfect for a football fiesta:


Although time consuming to cut, totally worth it.

The day before tha game, I did lots of prep.

I did all the prep after doing the following:

  • Ran 14 miles after 14 days off.
  • One of my eyes froze shut due to large clumps of snow and my lashes catching it all, fusing together in the cold.
  • Showered and then had my hair trial for the wedding.
  • So while prepping all the food, I had a rather nice curly look going on and felt pretty:
My hair is so tamed and pretty. Rare look.

My eye is no longer frozen. Hair is so tamed and pretty. Rare look.

Moving on from frozen eye story and good hair, what was prepared?

I made a pretty banner, complete with a gold glitz ribbon:

FOOTBALL just got classy.

FOOTBALL just got classy.

I made really ridiculous food labels:

FREE THROW apparently is NOT a football term. Mr. Speedy’s friend informed me that it is actually a basketball term.

Whoops…. good thing I didn’t put anything with ‘goalie’ or ‘net.’ Whatever, these corny little signs were adorable.

I relied heavily on recipes from Mr. Speedy’s mom (her family Deviled Eggs), my mother’s chili, and The Pioneer Woman‘s recipes. And speaking of my mother, she was awesome and not only let me use her crockpot (it has a ‘warm’ setting and mine does not) but also came over and helped me prep the chicken and chili. Moms are the best.

  • Buffalo Chicken, Deviled Eggs, Corny Mini-Corn Muffins, Crockpot Chili


BUFFALO CHICKEN BITS – warning: VERY spicy. I did not eat these because I’d die.

From The Pioneer Woman’s cookbook- A Year of Holidays. Also, I tripled the recipe (it has 8 servings) but I could have easily added another serving or two (we had 30 guests and it was all gone, gone, gone!)

Chicken Bites:

  • 1 cup all-purpose flour
  • 1 Tbl. cornstarch
  • 1 tsp. salt
  • One 12 ounce beer
  • 2 lbs. boneless, skinless chicken breasts, sliced into bites

1. Combine flour, cornstarch, salt in a medium bowl.
2. Then pour in beer, whisking. Keep adding beer and whisking until the batter is somewhat thin but still thick to coat chicken.
3. Add a few pieces of the cubed chicken, tossing and coating with batter.
4. In a large pot, fill with 3-4 inches of oil and heat over medium-high heat.
5. Fry up the chicken that is coated until it is a deep golden brown.
6. Set fried chicke on paper towels to drain-cool.
7. Line a baking sheet with aluminum foil (make sure the sheet has little sides, not flat), and place chicken evenly on it. Set aside.

Hot Sauce:

  • 1 cup (2 sticks) butter
  • One 12 ounce bottle cayenne pepper sauce (I used Lousiana)
  • 5 dashes of hot sauce
  • 3-4 dashes of Worcestershire sauce

1. Combine all ingredients in a medium saucepan over medium heat.
2. Melt it all together, whisking to combine.
3. Pour it over fried chicken evenly (you can also put the chicken in a large bowl and mix sauce on it that way).
4. If you use a baking sheet, I suggest then popping the chicken in the oven on WARM for about 10 minutes to let sauce fuse with chicken.

Serve it on a platter with toothpicks. I had ranch dip on the side. A blue cheese dip would be great too.

DEVILED EGGS (made these the day before)

      • 18 eggs
      • miracle whip (or mayo)
      • vinegar (I used balsamic)
      • pepper, salt
      • mustard
      • paprika

1. Boil the eggs and peel. Slice them down the middle, long ways.
2. Take out all the yolks and put them in a medium mixing bowl.
3. Add about 1/2 c. of miracle whip, 1/4 cup vinegar, 1-2 tsp. pepper, 1 tsp. salt, and a few hefty squirts of mustard.
4. Mix and mash until smooth. Taste and add more ingredients if needed.
5. Spoon a hefty spoonful in each open egg white. Sprinkle paprika on top.

EXTRA- add capers on top of paprika. Made some mixed with a honey mustard or horseradish.

CORNY CORNBREAD MUFFINS (made these the day before)

      • 2 packages of cornbread mix
      • 1 can of corn

Just follow the direction on the package but add can of corn (drained). I like mini muffins because you can grab a handful and pop them in your mouth easily. Apparently, I don’t like to take bites or chew?!?

CROCKPOT CHILI – easy to make a day ahead, store in cold area, and plug it in a few hours before party.

      • 2 lbs. ground beef (I generally choose a lean one)
      • 1 chopped onion
      • 2 chopped peppers (red, green, whatever you wish)
      • 2 large cans Brooks Chili Hot Beans
      • 2 small cans chili ready diced tomatoes
      • 1 can dark red kidney beans

1. Chop up all the onions and peppers.
2. Saute onion, pepper in a large skillet. Add meat and saute it all together, until cookied. Set aside.
3. In large crockpot, pour all the beans and saute-cooked mixture. Mix well. Cook on low for 4 hours.
4. Serve it with shredded cheese, sour cream, and crackers. Yum!

And now…… desserts are very important in any party.

Generally, I try to keep desserts very healthy- replacing eggs and oil with greek yogurt or applesauce. Omitting large amounts of surgar. Using shredded carrot for moisture. But since it was a football party, I thought I’d just stick to regular recipes and nothing too healthy.

      • Chocolate Nutella Berry Cake, Lemon Bars, Sugar Cookies, Chocolate Covered Pretzels
This cake was zeeee best.

This cake was zeeee best.

Corny label.

Corny label.

So tasty!

So tasty!


Find the recipe here. Boy oh boy, was this a treat-

A cocoa chocolate cake, thickly spread with nutella, then a hefty layer of homemade whip cream, sugared strawberries and boysenberries, and then repeated.

I had no leftovers. This was all gone. The recipe only called for strawberries but I would add any berry or fruit that suits your fancy.

Don’t like nutella? Use peanut butter. 🙂

The Lemon Bars were made from a box. They are super easy and super tasty.
The cookies were store bought because…. that is what happened.
The chocolate covered pretzels my dear fried made (she even drizzled them in team colors) and they were perfecto!

So tell me…

Did you watch the game? Did you make anything crazy good to share? Did you eat too much and have a food baby the entire night? I did not watch the game and did not figure out who was playing until about half-way through it… and I think all these food items were crazy good. Guests brought lots of great dips and appetizers too! And… I still have a food baby from yesterday. It is poking out, I can feel it.

But it was so worth it.



Another Bridal Milestone

Saturday was our bridal shower in Michigan and what a lovely blur of a day.

First, let me just say that around noon on Thursday I became totally useless to society because my mind was a constant wave of bridal shower, wedding, gifts, rented dress Mr. Speedy, marriage thoughts. Honestly, I have no idea what I did at Friday at work. I was there, I did my job, but I can’t really remember much of any of it.

Saturday morning, I got up early before Mr. Speedy (who am I kidding- I barely slept out of excitement), and drew a hot bath and drank my coffee among lavender bubbles. It was a completely delicious way to start the day. I highly recommend this kind of relaxing start to anyone who has the time and a soaking tub.

My bridesmaid and I then went and got our hair done. First, we stopped at STARBUCKS to recreate this picture-

If you go to starbucks and ask them to write something special- they will!

If you go to starbucks and ask them to write something special- they will!

I asked for ‘Bride-to-Be’ to be written on mine and ‘Bridesmaid’ to be written on my cousin’s drink.

This is what she got-



Failed attempt at that…. Seriously. I have to say that I give the employee credit for trying…

Since I was taking professional pictures after the shower, I not only had my hair done but a full makeover.


A note about make-up and I:

  • I rarely use it.
  • If I do, it is just a bit of mascara, eye liner, blush, lip gloss.
  • The lady asked what kind of foundation and concearler I use…. and I admitted that I had no idea what she was talking about – I am still not sure what they are.
  • I love my freckles and would never want to blend them into the rest of my skin. They are like happy speckles splashed on my face.
  • I am rambling – basically, I know very little about makeup.

That being said, I was slightly uncomfortable with having the eye shadow and powder and whatever else was plastered on my face- but everyone I saw assured me it looked perfeclty fine. Not too heavy.

Then, the shower began. My Aunts really out-did themselves with the gorgeous wine bottle Art Deco centerpieces. LOVED IT:

The food was absolutely delicous. I had a hummus plate of yumminess, along with a chicken kabob and rice.

After feeding time, we played games. One involved my cousin reading out-loud a very mushy love story about Mr. Speedy and I. It was cracking up the whole time even though I wrote it and the story is engraved on my heart:

And then I opened many, beauitful, amazing presents.

My face was expressive- sometimes showing happiness, shock, and sheer determination on breaking open the gift:

At the end, Mr. Speedy showed up looking daper and hunky and I had the bigget smile seeing him walk towards me:

I can’t smile enough with him around:

Smile. Smile. All smiles.

Smile. Smile. All smiles.

So many people, so many faces, and so many memories- loved it all:

My dear friend E, who is doing a reading at our wedding, was there. She always makes me light up and is one of the most honest and thoughful friend a person could ask for:

E and I!

E and I!

One of my favorite pictures from the day- this one – obviously baby Rex is the only one who pays attention:

"Hey, adults- look at the camera."

“Hey, adults- look at the camera.”

After the shower, Mr. Speedy and I took pictures with our photographer in 18 degree weather.

I do not know if you have ever gone outside in a short, backless dress with open-toe heels in that kind of weather…. but let me say, it was rather chilly.

Stay tuned for those pictures… XoXo

And THANK YOU for an amazing shower! It was perfectly wonderful and I love the memories from it!



PS I WILL be renting from the runway again…. this dress was perfect!! Loved it and it was so unique! 🙂

Almost newlyweds!

Almost newlyweds!

The Worst Halloween Ever

Please have a Happy Halloween and enjoy a little laugh at one (of many) of my most embarrassing moments.

Have you ever been to a Halloween party? The kind where the front door is covered in streams of spider webs, spooky music is playing inside, and everyone in attendance is dressed up in costume?

I have.
And it was the worst Halloween ever.

As a sophomore at my undergrad college, I got invited to my very first Halloween party on campus. It was at a fraternity house and I was super excited. I had great visions of a perfectly planned party, one with a spooky cauldron full of fruit punch and creepy desserts and fun costumes.

Normally, a big night for me was drinking Diet Faygo and wearing comfy clothes and reading a book:

Me in college. I was so cool.

Me in college. I was so cool.

Obviously, the location of it being at a fraternity house did not rock my little innocent mind and I was under the impression that this party would just be like, a fun get together. With possibly a piñata. And with cooler costumes.

Boy, was I wrong. SO wrong.

I choose my costumer carefully… and decided to be comfortable rather than creative. Let me give you a visual of my costume glory-

I wore my little brother’s (I could fit into his clothes) pumpkin costume that my Mom had painstakingly hand sewn a few years back. It came with a pumpkin stem hat, which Velcro attached not under the chin, but around the neck (see below), forming a turtleneck. The pumpkin body slipped on over clothes and had amble room to stuff full of crumbled newspaper to create a true, orb-like pumpkin shape. I took it even a step further by wearing green leggings and painted pumpkin orange dots on my nose and cheeks.

This is the only picture from that night. And this is before I had my pumpkin paint on and full stuffing.

This is the only picture from that night. And this is before I had my pumpkin paint on and full stuffing.

I was the best looking, roundest, orangest, green-legged pumpkin around campus.

My friend arrived at my door, dressed like a sexy devil with a miniskirt that was smaller than mini and had red sequins all over. We were quite the opposite walking over to the house- me blobbing around like a grounded balloon and her prancing in her heels.

We made it to the front door and I noticed that it was very dark inside the house and very LOUD, with music blaring.
As soon as we entered, and my eyes adjusted to the dark room, I quickly realized I was dressed completely wrong.

You know the scene from Mean Girls, with L. Lohan is dressed like a scary witch at the party and everyone else is slutty or sexy? That basically is what happened. Pumpkins are not sexy.

Every female had VERY little clothes on. I mean, take the whole ‘sexy Halloween’ and then remove half of that costume, and that is what these college girls were dancing around in. I’m pretty sure I saw a few butt cheeks within 30 seconds and I felt completely out of my place in my plump pumpkin outfit.

I could not even put my arms fully down at my sides (think a Christmas Story, with Ralphie’s winter outfit), or else newspaper stuffing would squeeze out from my leg holes. And I was not about to have my stuffing fall out in public. Embarrassing.

Immediately, my friend got whisked out on the dance floor and disappeared and I became a quick target to intoxicated dancing boys.
“Look! A PUMPKIN!” One of them pointed.
“Oh, let’s dance with it!” Another squealed.

Immediately, two boys started to bump-dance into me, one on each side. And there went my stuffing. With each bump, a crumbled ball of newspaper fell out down at my feet. This took them a moment to notice and then when they realized I was basically shedding garbage from my downstairs, they decided to leave me in my misshapen torso and play darts. I quickly picked up my stuffing and re-stuffed my self.

At this point, I was ready to leave. This was not my scene. Everyone that saw me, stared, and looked confused, as if saying “This is not a children’s party, how did you get here?” Someone actually told me that I looked like their Mom.

Just when I was about to hightail it out of there and find safety in my door room, a boy dressed in a Dracula cape but with no shirt on, grabbed my hand and yanked me on the dance floor.
“Cool costume!” He slurred. I could smell the beer on his breath. Gross.
“Thanks, but I am actually leaving… I have to go home to my patch,” I said loudly over the music.
“Patch? You live in a patch?”
Obviously, this was not a time to make jokes.
“I’m leaving now,” I said and started to turn away.

And it was then that Mr. Dracula found some liquid courage somewhere in his bare-chested body, and decided that this was a perfect time to KISS a misshapen pumpkin who was trying to leave. I caught him out of the corner of my eye, and dodged his kiss, but his lips met the tip of my nose and slide across the side of my flushed cheek. Beer breath and all. GROSS.

When he pulled back, with a goofy grin, I saw that my orange pumpkin dots that I had so carefully painted on my face, were now smeared on his lips.

And this is when I snapped. This was my breaking point. You can bump into me, and make my stuffing fly out, but how dare you mess with my painted makeup.

“YOU RUINED MY FACE! MY DOTS ARE GONE!” I screamed at him, shoving him away.
He looked dumbfounded, shrugged, and said “Worst kiss ever.”
“You are the worst Dracula I have ever seen and SMELL!” I shrieked back.

Have I mentioned that I argue like a toddler? I do.

With that, I ran my green legs out of the front door, with my beautiful stuffing sprinkling out all the way home, a trail of my pumpkin innards left for the world to see.

Once in the safety of my own door room, face washed and pajamas on, I vowed to never go to a party dressed as a pumpkin again. Especially one that does not serve any candy and has half-naked people everywhere.


The Scarred Pumpkin

My Latest Obsession: Free, Beauitful, Delightful Printables

I have this friend.

Every time she walks near cards, stationary, or pretty paper, she stops. Swoons. Drools. And meticulously inspects every item, selecting at least three things to purchase. She loves to write letters. Personalized stationary is her second love, the first being her man. Pretty patterns lining envelopes are a slice of heaven. Birthday cards are selected months in advance, with the utmost thought towards the reciever.

This friend of mine happens to be planning a wedding and is struggling with selecting all the paper suites: invitations, menus, programs, rehersal dinner invites, table cards, place cards, etc. Struggling not out of lack of interest but more of lack of paring down her options. So many choices!

When her husband-to-be asked “What do you want as a wedding gift?” do you know what she said?

“New, beautiful stationary with my new, beautiful name.”

Clearly, snail mail is not dead.

Anyways, my friend recently discovered this thing on the en-ter-web called PRINTABLES.


Holy moly, I am so excited – I mean, my friend, is so excited about these.

Reasons why you should use printables:

  • Planning a party? Need sweet invites – check out these. Or perhaps some tablemats – I love these lemon ones.
  • Baked some cookies and want to package them out but in a CUTE, MEMORABLE, THOUGHTFUL way? Bingo, use this.
  • Having a wedding or any kind of party? Martha Stewart has sooo many printables. Check out these cute favor tags.
  • Throwing a glitzy, girly party with some cocktails? This printable even has a menu for the signature drink. LOVE IT.
  • Football party? Tailgating? Show up with your food lookin’ like a million bucks with these paper products. It even includes recipes!
  • Well, looks like I’ll be having a Vintage Glam Holiday party. You are all invited.
  • HALLOWEEN. There are so many halloween printables. This is one of my favorites and makes me want to have a brood of children immediately and craft with them and feed them homemade popcorn while dressed up as a witch. Or as Jane Eyre (I doubt they’d understand the latter, so I’ll stick with the witch costume).

I made these this week, while I was suppose to be doing REAL WEDDING stuff, but this was way cool and fun:

Bottle tags!

Then I got ready for Christmas and made these cute gift tags:

In addition to scissors, I needed a one-hole punch to punch the circular hole at the top. Easy! AND THEY ARE SO SIMPLE AND CHIC.

I made some wedding things, for fun:

Then, I printed a really cute recipe book as a gift, complete with dividers:

Obviously, I am obsessed with printing things and cards and stationary and gift tags.

I mean, my friend.

My friend- she is obsessed.


My top three – Love vs Design, Martha Stewart weddings, and HWTM.


Stationary-Printables-Party-Planning Obsessed Lily

PS I think I might do a giveaway soon with printable things I made… because they are taking over my desk.