Ten Things (actually, eleven)

Art deco bride.

Art deco bride.

1. I had my second dress fitting while simultaneously getting my you-know-what.

Dear Period- Hi. I am so glad you visited because a) I officially will not be a pregnant bride, something that I have had nightmares about and b) you will not be around during my wedding day or honeymoon week. BUT SERIOUSLY. WHY MUST YOU VISIT ME WHEN I HAVE TO PUT ON MY DRESS IN FRONT OF STRANGERS AND BE POKED WITH SEWING NEEDLES. YOU ARE RUTHLESS. YOU ARE INCONSIDERATE.

Have you no mercy?

2. I painted my nails a deep red wine color, a possible choice for the wedding.

When I asked Mr. Speedy what he thought, his exact response was “Isn’t that a little drab and dark for a wedding?”

Obviously, he does not understand my vintage look.

3. Velcro wallets = never a good thing.



Recently, my girlfriend went on a few dates with a guy and he had a Velcro wallet. Let me just throw this out there- men, do not ever own a Velcro wallet if you are above the age of 18. I cringe at the thought of having a date offer to pay, pull out his wallet, and then hearing that crrrrrrink of Velcro being pulled apart.

Obviously, she is not dating him anymore.

4. Mr. Speedy was stretching the other day, and flexed his arms over his head and I about fell out of my chair.

With the wedding so close and so much to do, I haven’t had time to stare and drool and study Mr. Speedy to the sickening level of devotion and obsession that I normally do. I caught a glimpse of his arms and got all the breath knocked out of me.

“Wow,” I exclaimed. “Your arms…. have you been working out more?”
“No, they are the same.”
“No, I am pretty sure your muscles are currently occupying more space and taking over my brain.”

He did not respond.

I truly appreciate how he puts up with my clingy-creepy stares.
Thank you, Mr. Speedy, for accepting this as a way of life.

5. Speaking of muscles, these legs are my favorite.

Mhhmmmm these legs.

Mhhmmmm these legs.

6. I have been awkwardly crying and proclaiming to strangers that I am changing my last name soon.

I have been having a lot of word-vomit moments lately where I just spew out random things to random people that probably could care less. I have also been getting teary-eyed while doing things that involve my last name. And by things, I mean like signing my bill.

For example, whenever I get to sign my bill or someone uses my last name, I have been saying things like this:

“Soon, I will not be signing this last name ever again.”
“Oh gosh… so soon it will be gone.” TEARS.
“I will not have this name much longer.” TEARS.
“I need to practice signing my new last name.”
“I am sorry, I am a little emotional about this name.” TEARS.

7. Oh gosh, my last name. Goodbye. Goodbye tiny Lily who sat in buckets. I might be crying right now. 

I really am quite the worker. Promise.

I really am quite the worker. Promise.

8. I think I am going to drink an entire bottle of this Sleep mist.

Buy this for anyone, they are sure to love it. Who doesn't like to relax and sleep???

Buy this for anyone, they are sure to love it. Who doesn’t like to relax and sleep???

Surely, this will cause me to sleep better and calm down.

9. Please remind me to not drink bottles that have the word sleep on them. 

10. My Pirate Father has a speech to write.

When I asked my father if he was preparing for his speech at the wedding, his response was –

“What speech? Do people even do that anymore?”

Fathers are really funny sometimes. They like to joke at you when you are full of tension and stress.

11. This picture really calms me down. And makes me feel gooey and happy and completely content.

Just engaged.

Just engaged.

I am just going to stare at this picture for the next two weeks.



Almost Married = Busy, Busy

Three weeks.

Three weeks is all the stands between me and my new life.
I will go from fiance to wife in a matter of seconds.
I will lose my current last name, and gain Mr. Speedy’s.
I will make a promise, an engagement, into a lifetime commitment.
I will be one part of a two part new family.

Serious vogue faces.

Serious vogue faces.

I have done quite a bit to prepare for March 28th, but I still have the following to scratch off my list:

  • Bikini Wax: To do or not to do? Frankly, I have been debating this for months and I still don’t know if I should take the plunge or not.
  • My wedding ring: Next week, I shall go to the jeweler and leave them with my engagement ring so they can make a band that perfectly matches. This is kind of important. Kind of need this done. I already have Mr. Speedy’s boxed up and ready to go.
  • Do not lose weight: When I get busy or stressed, I have a tendency to eat less and less. My dress is getting fitted  to my current bod. Mr. Speedy doesn’t want me any smaller and I don’t want the dress falling off of me. No weight losing is allowed.
  • Beauty regimen: My feet are SCALY LIKE A DRIED UP FISH. Seriously. I am trying really hard to put thick lotion on them every night. This is my main beauty regimen.
  • Coordinate deliveries, finalize reception layout, decor: Ugh…… I am trying not to think about this one too much.
  • Coordinate day of meals: I will be in a hotel suite with my ladies. We will probably be hungry. So far I have mimosas on my list of foods. I should probably work on this.
  • Prepare for visitors! I am just so excited for all the family and friends that are coming into town… I have to mentally prepare my heart and mind for all the visiting. I cannot wait. Mr. Speedy’s family will be here from NE, along with his dear Aunt and Uncle from TX, friends from Iowa, CA, IN, DC, WA, VA… all over. I am beyond excited to see everyone. It is like the best reunion ever.
  • Memorize my vows: If I can memorize the alphabet, I can memorize my vows…. right??? Every time I practice them, I start crying and my heart squeezes up like I am sprinting in a race. I need to learn how to say them c-a-l-m-l-y.
  • Hair Trial: I am doing this on Saturday! I already had one but it did not turn out…. so we are trying it again! If it doesn’t work, I’ll just wear this hat-
So chic.

So chic.

I am getting very curious about what guests are wearing to the wedding…. since it is 1920’s theme, I am sure (and hoping!) there will be lots of pearls, feathers, glitz, tuxes, top hats, and canes. It is also black tie optional, so very formal. I am really excited to see what people wear and how they accessorize. Our entire wedding party will have these 20’s accessories, so no one will be out of place — it’ll be such a roaring good time (so corny, I KNOW)!

In OTHER news, I got Achilles tendinitis about a month ago which really threw me off. Running kind of keeps me balanced and happy and sane and focused. But, I have been healing and biking (very different from running!). Biking is a good workout but it certainly makes one’s butt super sore! I am not sure how my marathon training will be once I start running more… but I am trying not to even think or stress about that at the moment. Marriage is my #1 thought and my marathon just might have to take a back seat for a while.

I have book club this weekend – we read the Divergent trilogy. Has anyone else read these books?? I am excited to get together with the club, eat some food, wine it up, and discuss what faction we would be in and how Tris and Tobias are probably not the greatest couple and should just break up and date other people.

I have a few blogs written… to make myself more visible the next few weeks! So bear with me, they are very wedding-related!



Oh fudge, what do I choose?

Since my last post was wedding related I figured I might as well continue that topic and gather some opinions. Also, if you enjoy fudge of any flavor or sweets, then you will love this post and be able to help me.

As mentioned before I have no internal decision-maker bone in my body.

Some things – who shall I marry? OH, Mr. Speedy. – yes.
Other things – flavor of cake? ALL FLAVORS- no.


These are from the list here, if you want a more detailed description of each flavor.

Mr. Speedy and I have decieded to do fudge favors for our guests from the fabulous Joann’s and we are allowed to pick as many flavors as we want. That statement sounds incredible but when you are trying to pick out flavors, it really hinders you from narrowing down the best ones.

But dis fudge, itz so guuuuuuuud:

Eating the yummy fudge on the island.

Eating the yummy fudge on the island.

I’d like to choose 4-6 flavors.

Any favorites?? Vote away!

Share this with everyone and anyone. The more votes the better.

Next, I shall have you all vote on my choice of shoes, hairstyle, underwear- thong or bikini, and if I should pull out all my gray hairs now or just let them cascade down and be free.

I’m kidding. But…. only a little.



My Latest Obsession: Free, Beauitful, Delightful Printables

I have this friend.

Every time she walks near cards, stationary, or pretty paper, she stops. Swoons. Drools. And meticulously inspects every item, selecting at least three things to purchase. She loves to write letters. Personalized stationary is her second love, the first being her man. Pretty patterns lining envelopes are a slice of heaven. Birthday cards are selected months in advance, with the utmost thought towards the reciever.

This friend of mine happens to be planning a wedding and is struggling with selecting all the paper suites: invitations, menus, programs, rehersal dinner invites, table cards, place cards, etc. Struggling not out of lack of interest but more of lack of paring down her options. So many choices!

When her husband-to-be asked “What do you want as a wedding gift?” do you know what she said?

“New, beautiful stationary with my new, beautiful name.”

Clearly, snail mail is not dead.

Anyways, my friend recently discovered this thing on the en-ter-web called PRINTABLES.


Holy moly, I am so excited – I mean, my friend, is so excited about these.

Reasons why you should use printables:

  • Planning a party? Need sweet invites – check out these. Or perhaps some tablemats – I love these lemon ones.
  • Baked some cookies and want to package them out but in a CUTE, MEMORABLE, THOUGHTFUL way? Bingo, use this.
  • Having a wedding or any kind of party? Martha Stewart has sooo many printables. Check out these cute favor tags.
  • Throwing a glitzy, girly party with some cocktails? This printable even has a menu for the signature drink. LOVE IT.
  • Football party? Tailgating? Show up with your food lookin’ like a million bucks with these paper products. It even includes recipes!
  • Well, looks like I’ll be having a Vintage Glam Holiday party. You are all invited.
  • HALLOWEEN. There are so many halloween printables. This is one of my favorites and makes me want to have a brood of children immediately and craft with them and feed them homemade popcorn while dressed up as a witch. Or as Jane Eyre (I doubt they’d understand the latter, so I’ll stick with the witch costume).

I made these this week, while I was suppose to be doing REAL WEDDING stuff, but this was way cool and fun:

Bottle tags!

Then I got ready for Christmas and made these cute gift tags:

In addition to scissors, I needed a one-hole punch to punch the circular hole at the top. Easy! AND THEY ARE SO SIMPLE AND CHIC.

I made some wedding things, for fun:

Then, I printed a really cute recipe book as a gift, complete with dividers:

Obviously, I am obsessed with printing things and cards and stationary and gift tags.

I mean, my friend.

My friend- she is obsessed.


My top three – Love vs Design, Martha Stewart weddings, and HWTM.


Stationary-Printables-Party-Planning Obsessed Lily

PS I think I might do a giveaway soon with printable things I made… because they are taking over my desk.

Tulle Today, Race Tomorrow

This week has been busy. I was a hair model. I got stuck in yards of tulle. I’m full of peanut butter.

Let me explain:

1. Hair Model. Last Sunday, I got a random call from a friend who is opening up her own salon and needed a model. Her regular brunette haired model apparently overslept or went MIA, so she called me wondering if I’d like to get my MAKE UP and HAIR done….

UM YES x 023975059870495808 I WILL MODEL FOR YOU.

Here is a sneak peek of the photos here. The photographer Whitney is crazy talented behind the lens. The makeup done by Kari was amazing. The hair done by Amy was stunning.

From my picture, it is quite obvious a)I don’t know how to model and b)everything is really funny.

This salon, Arid, is a totally new concept- dry bar. Have you heard of them?? I’m so pumped to go here sometime for a styling. Check out the facebook page and if you live near Royal Oak – GO THERE TO GET A BLOW DRY.

2. Wedding items have been arriving at the Love Nest. 

Now, Mr. Speedy warned me that he DID NOT want me to blog a lot about the wedding because he wants many elements to remain a surprise… so I have to be super tiny with my updates. You can be sure after the wedding, I will provide a full breakdown of everything and where I got things.

But for now, cocktail napkins with various designs and 1920’s sayings have arrived. Actually, 500 of them to be exact:




I have to hide them from myself or else I’ll start using them. Or folding them. Or re-stacking them. Or playing with them.

3. Tulle. Tulle. Tulle.

I have over 70 yards of tulle in my possession:

So fluffy and soft.

So fluffy and soft.

At a whopping $0.70/yard, this was a GREAT find. I’m planning on covering half the tables with this, like so (ignore the pic on right):



Look how pretty that is! The tulle just fluffs over the side… and makes everything look formal, romantic, and classy.

The other half of the tables will be covered with a different gold overlay, so hues of gold will echo throughout the room. Let me repeat that statement- hues of gold will echo throughout the room. That sounds so elegant. I really should be inviting the Queen or a Sultan or something.

Anyways, I really hope this tulle doesn’t give me a hard time. I started to lay it out and then I wasn’t sure how much I needed it per table and not sure if I have to iron or steam it and I got overwhelmed and wrapped myself in it:



And then this happened:



I believer this is what is called a ‘bridal breakdown’ or ‘super stress’ or ‘too much tulle’ or ‘nap time.’

4. RACE TOMORROW — big fat YES.

Tomorrow in the morning, Mr. Speedy and I racing a 10 miler. It is a big deal here in Michigan and it is called the Crim. First price wins like a brand new car. Kenyans show up. Elites. 9,000 + runners. Oh yeah….

I’m hoping to break my record, which is around 71 minutes.

I’m also hoping to celebrate post-race the same way I did last year, which was drink a beer in my boy shorts while making a really attractive face:

I'm pretty sure I'm flicking off the camera too. CLASSY.

I’m pretty sure I’m flicking off the camera too. CLASSY.

5. I just found this picture and it made me laugh. Apparently, we don’t know how to use a camera together :

So confused. This was Christmas Eve.

So confused. This was Christmas Eve.

6. I love blogging. Sorry it took me forever to update.



Ha. Get it? Tully? Like truly? Oh my….. and this is my Friday night ladies and gents.

Bride-to-Be Fail

When I am not running or thinking about running or thinking about running while I am running, my mind seems to wander into planning my upcoming nuptials.

This is all fabulous and wonderful and dandy until I remember these three things:

  1. I’m indecisive: Sometimes I really like the fact that Mr. Speedy confessed he wants a bigger wedding (140ish guests) rather than eloping (I REALLY WANTED TO ELOPE OR HAVE A TINY BABY WEDDING). Sometimes I really don’t like that we are having a bigger wedding and want to run away and elope and kiss and go to the spa. Sometimes I like the thought of wearing a white dress. Sometimes I like the thought of wearing a green dress. Sometimes I like this or that and other times I dislike this or that.
  2. I’m abnormal: I am not your typical bride as in I am not really into all the little details of a wedding or traditional bride things. The thought of designing centerpieces makes my head hurt. Half the time I think ‘YAY I CAN DO THIS’ and half the time I think ‘AH HOW DO I DO THIS…. I’m going to go eat pretzels and pretend I’m Audrey Hepburn.’ The only thing that I am sure about is the man who will be my husband.
  3. I’m on a budget: I think, unless you are the daughter of a Sultan or someone who owns several large vineyards, this statement is common. Budgets are a must and by golly, they really are something.

And after having these thoughts in my head, I relate myself to a movie, specifically Bridesmaids and this scene:

I get this. I am her. She is me.

I get this. I am her. She is me.


No, really, I am a weird bride in training. And I am not really poor, well… not entirely.

My most recent blunder happened yesterday with my two lovely bridesmaids:

I found a bridal shop that carried these dresses we liked for bridesmaid attire. I got to the appointment early and once inside, noticed that the mannequins were plus-size mannequins. I didn’t really think much about that other than how wonderful a shop is showcasing ‘real’ woman curves. But as I sifted through the mountain of lace and frilly dresses, I noticed that the sample size on all of them were rather, large. And then I noticed that all the staff were curvier women. And then I noticed that two brides that were getting fitted in their gorgeous gowns were also curvier. And then I noticed the one bride had spanx in places I did not even know that you could wear spanx. And then, on the wall, were a variety of framed newspaper clippings all about the shop and how they were known for delivering plus-size styles to real brides.

And then it dawned on me- I was in a plus-size bridal shop.

This really isn’t THAT big of a deal but it would be equivalent to Mr. Speedy going to a Big & Tall shop to get fitted for his tux. Slightly out of place. Slightly awkward. Kind of like that one scene in Pretty Woman, when she shows up dressed like a hooker in a high-end boutique. Totally not fitting in and not the right client:

I just wanna shop!

I just wanna shop!

But, despite my minimal curves and obvious mistake, the bridal salon and staff were simply AMAZING.

The ladies that helped us were warm and welcoming. They knew the dresses from left to right and listened to me babble on about how I am not sure this color would look right or this and that. You may have forgotten that I bought my wedding dress online, so I never have had the experience of the wedding salon. But, boy, it was good. They offer you coffee and there are massive displays of ornate jewelry, hair combs, and veils. It is like walking into a freshly-made fluffy cupcake- cozy, airy, and sugary. I loved it. Romance is all around you.

We settled on some deep green gowns:

Our wedding is a 1920’s/Gatsby theme, so I plan to accessorize the outfit with vintage elements and acccents. They are very flowy, elegant, and the best part — you can wear a regular bra with this cut! I know my girls (I am talking about both my bridesmaid and my chest) would be happy about that.

I highly recommend the shop we went to- even if you aren’t plus-size. Here is their website and if you click on the ‘About’ tab (something I did NOT), it is pretty obvious that it is a plus-size place…. whatever. Any size was welcomed! 🙂

I still feel slightly like an idiot….. only me…..


A non-plus-size-but-I-like-to-shop-at-plus-size-shops bride

PS Anyone else done this?

PSS This is very similar to a time when I threw myself a birthday party at an ‘Apple Orchard’, ready to pick apples, and only to find out that I actually asked everyone to meet me a Apple Orchard store on a random dirt road, that sold apples and fruit from wooden buckets. And large pickels.

PSSS It will be a miracle if this wedding indeed turns out like a wedding with my super attention to detail and masterful planning skills.

The First (of Many) Fiancé Freakouts

I love Mr. Speedy. I think I have established that in sickening detail.

I love how when he laughs, his nose crinkles.
Who would have ever thought I’d obsess over someone’s nose crinkles?
Those nose crinkles, his nose crinkles, make my heart melt every time they surface.

Despite our similarities and my deep obsession with his nose crinkles, we do have our differences.

One has been surfacing quite a bit since our engagement and that is this:

When faced with the issue of planning a wedding and paying for the affair-
Mr. Speedy remains calm, level-headed, and logical.
Lily remains anxious with her brain turning into mush and sobs.

A prime example of my freaking out occurred last night when we decided to peek at some stationary and invitation options.

Just to let you know, I LOVE stationary.
I LOVE cards.
I LOVE patterned envelopes.
I LOVE stamps.

I honestly am planning to have a bigger budget for these pretty paper things than my dress (I am hoping to find a dress at a vintage shop).
I know that people will eventually toss our invites into the trash but by golly, I want them to make a statement. Elegant. Stunning. Memorable.

These cards made my jaw-drop and pulled at my heartstrings:



Lucky-Luxe-Couture-Correspondence-Gatsby-Letterpress-Wedding-Invitations-550x366I love Art Deco. I love 1920s. I love Gatsby. Yes, yes, yes.

These are from Lucky Luxe Couture Correspondence and they describe this set with sentences like this:

We had a gilded mansion ballroom with onyx and jade decor in mind when creating the design, though of course the colors can be customized to suit the color palette of any couple.

OH- is that what you had in mind when you pressed these gorgeous invites? That sounds fabulous. Yes, I want these. Please make them for me. Thank you.

And the cost?

I was under the impression that invitations were like, $500. WRONG. SO WRONG.

For around 100 of this set, with 1 color, it is $1,544.


Upon learning this, Mr. Speedy and I went to a local shop that makes cards and priced out a similar style. Letter-pressed. Hand-written calligraphy (is there any other way to write a formal invitation? I think not.)

Price: $1200


Immediately, I freak out. All throughout dinner, I was on edge and couldn’t focus on the yummy meal and handsome date and kept feeling my eyes get misty. People around us probably thought I had a bad case of allergies or my cat died (I don’t have a cat FYI).

Mr. Speedy was just SO CALM. His attitude was relaxed and he truly was enjoying the evening out. He kept reassuring me, “It’s all going to work out. Don’t fret.” But… HOW DOES IT WORK OUT? HOW DO YOU STOP FRETTING? HOW DOES HE DO THAT? WHY IS THE SKY BLUE AND HOW COME MY ARMPIT HAIR IS HARD TO SHAVE?

If I am freaking out about stationary, then I will probably most likely freak out about everything.
This is why eloping seems like such a romantic, stress-free way to marry. Just put me on a plane and take me away.

Thank Gee he is calm.
What if we both freaked out?
What will our children be like?
Maybe our genes will cancel out and our kids will be completely lethargic.

I can’t think straight.

I should just focus on Mr. Speedy’s crinkles in his nose from now to eternity.

Yep. Sounds like a solid plan.