Summer Time: Wedding Video, Fun Dinners, and More

Lordy, did I fall off the blogosphere or what?  I apologize for my extended absence !!!

First, here here is some REAL mushy mush….. our wedding highlight video complete with interviews:

NorthFox Media….. is THE BEST. Hands down. Hire them.

So…… here is what is new:

  • My name is officially changed. I am no longer bearing Pirate’s last name.
  • I signed up for a marathon in the fall. It is already starting to consume my brain.
  • I think I might be addicted to cereal. Specifically, Raisin Bran and All Bran.
  • My running injuries are pretty much healed…… ::happy dance::
  • My tiny niece is actually a llama:
How cute is this?

How cute is this?

What I’ve done lately:

  • Got tan. KIDDING. I don’t tan.
  • Got to hold a 6 week old baby. My running friend brought her cute baby boy to practice last week…. and I think I felt my ovaries leap for joy. Oh dear.
  • Fed a dog a pretzel. This is a big deal because I am learning to be friendly with canines and share my beloved carbs.
  • Cooking: Somewhere between pre-wedding and post-honeymoon I realized that I hadn’t really cooked any decent dinners for my man. My Mom has been cleaning out her cookbook collection and gave me magazines from like, the 80s, that are full of easy recipes. Sundays I have been planning our dinner menus for the entire week and making new things, such as:

I also made a gorgeous pork dish with a brown-sugar-red-wine glaze (are you drooling? I am.) but didn’t take a picture because we had a guest over and I didn’t want him to think ‘WOW MR. SPEEDY’S WIFE COOKS AND TAKES PICTURES OF HER OWN FOOD. WERID-O.”

Anyways, life is good.

This past weekend we travled to West Virginia with one of our running groups for a half-marathon. TOTAL FREAKIN BLAST.

Here is the group together:

We are a happy bunch.

We are a happy bunch.

My shorts are the shortest.... what does that mean?!?

My shorts are the shortest…. what does that mean?!?

During the race, someone yelled ‘GO BILLY!’
Naturally, I thought they meant to say ‘LILY’ so I corrected them as I ran by, screaming ‘Thanks but my name is LILY!’
And then…. a tiny voice breathed behind me, ‘My name is Billy.’

Here is a shot of us running together:

Lily and Billy.

Lily and Billy.

Poor Billy. I dragged him through mile 7-11. He was a senior in high school and every time he got a little behind, I yelled ‘Come on Billy!! Billy get up here!’

He probably regretted admitting that he was Billy. Oh well, good job young runner whom I will probably never meet! I hope you do well in college.

(Clearly, I’m a creep).

I was happy with my time at 1:33:53…. totally tanked at the end but this is proof that my IT Band is getting stronger and bandier (is that a word???).

After the run, we all drove a very windy path to one of the runner’s property and stayed for a few nights. It was a little slice of paradise. Woods. Fresh air. Mountain creeks. Natural waterfalls. This place had it all.

Mr. Speedy and I got to sleep above the barn with a large Elk head looming on a wall. It was kind of like sleeping in a Gander Mountain. All was fine and dandy until people started talking about ticks and bugs. If you don’t remember, I actually got a tick once in Nebraska. It was the single most terrifying moment in my life. I FREAKED OUT. Mr. Speedy had to light a match and BURN that nasty little thing out of my back. My spine was in danger. Gah. I can’t even talk about it.

So when people start talking about ticks, I FREAK OUT. You better believe that every night I swiftly stripped down, and demanded that Mr. Speedy fully inspect me. There was nothing sexy about this task. I also made it clear that if even JOKED about a bug burrowing into my skin, he would be sorry (I actually never really thought of a decent enough threat). I also took a hair-dryer (because ticks don’t like heat) and hair-dried my already dry body to the point that it was practically burning.

Just in case he missed any….

Obviously, I’d be a GREAT camping companion.

Yes. I can relate.

Yes. I can relate.

We did have the opportunity to drive this feisty little vehicle that had no windshield or doors. It could go over rocks, mud, branches, you name it.

Here we are when the vehicle is not moving:

Oh this is so nice.

Oh this is so nice.

And here I am when the vehicle was moving:



Obviously, I highly recommend anyone riding in one of these so they can look simply attractive and totally gorgeous. Your date will surely just drive faster and don’t mind the bugs that get lodged into your pupil, they eventually fly out.

I’m wearing a helmet next time.

Have you gotten a tick before?
What have you made for dinner lately?
Gone anywhere fun?



The Best Kind of Shopping is… Free.

Lately, I have been doing some shopping with spending little or no money.

Except when I purchased all the stamps for the wedding stationary, put the final deposit on the Cathedral, and signed the contract with the videographer.

Wedding things aside, I have been spending very little but gaining much.
This is the best kind of shopping.
It makes you feel like you out-smarted someone.
It makes you feel like you have extra money to buy necessities, like pretty paper and sequin ribbon.

It makes you forget that you are currently living in an Arctic tundra and makes your lungs feel like icicles and your days numbered:

A co-worker snapped this while driving to work... no joke. Michigan is brutal.

A co-worker snapped this while driving to work… no joke. Michigan is brutal.

My latest shopping deals are:

1. Free bottle of lotion and free VS Valentine panties – aren’t coupons the best? This new scent is veryyyy delicious.

I hung the panties on a door knob because it would be inappropriate to wear them and take a picture.

I hung the panties on a door knob because it would be inappropriate to wear them and take a picture.

2. I won a giveaway on Megan’s blog and she mailed me a coupon for a free box of clementines. You bet your bootah I redeemed that. Yummy!

Who doesn't love clementines?

Who doesn’t love clementines?

3. You know what is one good thing about snowy-cold-winter? You get to find great steals on summer clothing that is being clearanced. Mr. Speedy, my friend J, and I went to Kohls and I found this beautiful sundress — SCORE:

I can't wait to wear it when the snow is gone!

I can’t wait to wear it when the snow is gone! $12 !!! That is like a Panera Bread meal.

4. I bought a boat load of books with Christmas gift cards….. most of these are for my book club – BUYING BOOKS WITH GIFT CARDS IS THE BEST KIND OF SHOPPING EVER.

I need to find space for these.

I need to find space for these.

5. I have come to the conclusion that…. hosting a wedding is like having a HUGE REUNION with your closest friends that are all across the country. I realize this is not shopping, but it is a good deal. I have two blogging friends driving in, two of my BFF from graduate school, my aunts from MA, Mr. Speedy’s relatives from NE and TX, the list just goes on.

What a lovely deal- get married and get to see people whom you love all together at once.

Seems like a lovely plan. I can’t wait.

The last time I was with my Grad School (aka librarian) girls.

The last time my Grad School (aka librarian) girls were all in one spot.

6. Finally, after I get married and settled into life as a wife, I might pursue this career:

New life goal.

New life goal.

No pants and free clam bra?!?! Sign me up.

I bet you mermaids get to shop for free… under the sea.

(That was SO corny, I could not help it.)

Any one else have any amazing deals they have been finding lately? Please share.


Thrifty Lily

Punctual and Concise

Mr. Speedy, also known as my main squeeze, also known as husband-to-be, also known as my forever boyfriend, also known as the one who makes my knees buckle and face blush, is quite the opposite of me.

Our hips are attached.

Our hips are attached.

One of our differences is that he speaks in a short and to-the-point language.

I speak in a very dramatic, descriptive, and not so concise way.

It is for this reason, the way he chooses his words and delivers them, that I love it when he talks. He could be talking about the weather, our future, how he boiled ramen noodles and delivered an egg to its watery death. The subject doesn’t really matter. His words are so perfectly chosen and concise, I get re-attached to him all over again every time he speaks.

I really think he would be an exceptional professor or Politian because there is something very mesmerizing when he lectures. His words and the delivery of them are just so relatable but have impact, your ears want to listen and pay attention.

Total opposite of those who choose to use every descriptive word possible and cattle on unnecessarily and sometimes mis-pronounce words, losing the entire value of speaking the word in the first place…

Punctual, concise, and honest.

Just three more reasons I’m irreversibly attached to him by every tiny cell in my entire being.

See what I did there? Too much description and drama.


The Rambler


Friday Fun Facts


Here are some fun facts that are currently going on in my life:

1. Marathon- Thank you SO much for the feedback. I am still undecided, which is normal. Decisions are big for me.

2. I am mainly undecided because the next few weeks will busy- ya know, nailing down important wedding things (NO BIG DEAL) and trying to move in with Mr. Speedy and start co-habitating (EQUALLY NO BIG DEAL).

3. This pillar candle has an amazing scent. Truly. It is my new favorite. I got it for Christmas from my future MIL (that is slang for mother-in-law).

It smells sooooo good. Fresh. Clean. Slightly flowery.

It smells sooooo good. Fresh. Clean. Slightly flowery.

4. I have been writing articles for a monthly newsletter at work. I finally got in contact with the person in charge of this project, who is in ITALY and named LUIGI and realized that my little articles are traveling worldwide around the globe for this corporation. Huh. I had no idea. I feel like I have a tiny footprint globally now. And now I want some pasta. And wine.

5. I have been getting spam real mail about wedding things- venues, dress shops, rentals, photographers, etc. How on earth did this happen? Really. Stop. I love getting REAL mail and to keep receiving these offers just makes me so dissappointed. They are almost as bad as bills.

No thank you.

No thank you.

6. Last night during our run, I totally checked out Mr. Speedy’s butt and legs the entire time.

7. Speaking of his legs, that reminds me of this picture which then reminds me that I want to have children with this man:

Drool. Drool.......

Drool. Drool…….

8. This also makes me want to bear his children:

His nieces and nephews just love him.

His nieces and nephews just love him.

9. Actually, this makes me want to have his children too:

He ha the best legs and arms.... and torso, butt, and all other spots.

He ha the best legs and arms…. and torso, butt, and all other spots.

10. Today my blogging friend Brittany blogged about something I mailed her. She also makes note that she is planning an EPIC trip to visit our other blogging friend Megan and they are going to road-trip it up to MI for my wedding. This is why blogging friends are amazing:

  • We have never met, yet they were instantly on the guest list for the wedding.
  • We really do KNOW each other…. but don’t. But do.
  • You can get to know other people who are just as awkward and weird as you and imagine retiring together and living in a big house with lots of PB (that just might be me…)
  • SERIOUSLY THOUGH…. check out their blogs. Amazing. Funny. Fit. Healthy. Attractive. So much.

I already have special items to give them. I can’t waittttttttt!!!!!!

11. It is official- we are going back to Mackinac Island this fall and staying at the Grand Hotel. If you do not know this place I speak of or historical place to sleep, please google it. I can’t wait.



12. This picture makes me hungry- for an omelet and for him- RAWR:

Uh..... I keep drooling.

Uh….. I keep drooling.

13. I have to apologize that 99% of the facts involve this man. This is because we are apart and have been since approximately 5:30 am when he ventured out with my Pirate father and his father (who is visiting!) and went fishing. Apparently, when I am not in close proximity and attached to his hip, I like to babble on about him and look at pictures. IMAGINE THAT.

14. My baby toenails are missing.

15. Pots. Pans. Crock pots. Garlic press. Hand towels. We are starting our registry and the whole process is very interesting because I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO REGISTER FOR OTHER THAN WINE GLASSES AND A VACUUM. And napkin rings because they are very fancy and make tables look elegant.


16. We are going to a wedding this weekend which will be #4 this year. We will have 4 more. We are expert attendees.

17. I have been attempting to teach myself fake calligraphy using a very inky pen so I can make super fancy wedding invites. I don’t think it is working.

Do you think Bragelina will show up?

Do you think Bragelina will show up?

Just for the record, I would not want Anna Nicole Smith as a guest.

18. Brad and Angelina can come but only if they dress in thick rags and have no makeup. The Prez can come too. No secret service allowed.

19. I think I am going to go running now.

20. Scratch that. Lay by the pool and read.


Factual Lily