Date a Girl Who Runs

Recently, my dear awesome friend Megan sent me this article about dating a girl that runs.
I lovedddddd it.

It is posted here, but I went ahead and provided it – along with my own interpretation 🙂



I started running at a very young age.

I started running at a very young age.

Date a girl who runs because she knows how to go the distance, even when the going the gets tough.

Because it will get tough. Her side will hurt and she didn’t eat breakfast, but you won’t hear her complaining because she’s in it for the long haul. (Actually, I do complain if I get hungry and my side hurts- usually in the form of ‘My side hurts and I’m going to eat the next squirrel I see.”)

Date a girl who runs because she doesn’t need you to be her therapist or to fill her up because she has her beat-up running shoes to do that for her, and this means that you can just be you. (TRUE- Mr. Speedy knows that when I’m in a mental block, I am in dire need of a run to clear things up.)

Date a girl who looks at food as fuel, not an enemy; she sees her thighs as gladiators slaying the beast of her demons, not as objects to cover up in bed. Date a girl who thinks of her body as a tool, an instrument to play, taking it to its limits, and not as something she hates. Watch her eat a stack of pancakes or plate after plate of eggs, never worrying about the calories. (<— never worrying about calories??? Food is fuel but I like to be conscience of what I’m fueling with… so I do think about calories but have no problem eating an entire box of cereal or bag of trail mix. Also, I like my thighs.)

Watch how she never asks you if these shorts make her look fat. Because they don’t. And even if she’s a big girl, she won’t care what you think because she will feel powerful and strong. When you’re with her, you’ll feel powerful and strong. (I usually ask if my shorts are giving me a wedgie….)

Date a girl who runs because she’ll know how to be alone without you, and sometimes she’ll need those solo runs. (Like when I’m on my period and I run at turtle speed and am BLOATED LIKE A WALRUS AND WILL CRY IF A LEAF HITS ME. YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW.)

Date a girl who runs because she’ll also know how to adjust her pace to fall in step with yours. And if you’re worth it, she will. (Racing? No, sorry, I will not adjust my speed #notworthit Sorry. Training? Ok, we can be peas in a pod.)

Date a girl who runs because she knows how to sprint when needed, and she knows when to make long strides for hours, if that’s what it takes. (LONG STRIDES FOR HOURS- Sign me up! Ha, no. I don’t do that.)

Massage her feet and legs when she’s achy and listen when she talks about gear. She’ll appreciate you taking the time,  even if you’re not a runner, or rather, especially if you’re not a runner. Runners are focused and they notice, so she will notice. (MASSAGE = HEAVEN. MASSAGE ME FOREVER PLEASE AND THANK YOU.)

Date a girl who plans her vacations according to trails because so much of what we’ve lost is that connection to nature and how it feels to see a rabbit at sunrise hopping next to you. (I don’t want to be anywhere near rabbits… but running while on vacation is part of vacation for me.)

Date a girl who knows how to walk it off when she’s hurt, and she will get hurt. If not her hamstrings, then her heart.  If you’re lucky, she’ll come over for a sweaty hug. (I SPRINT at the end of a race mainly because I want that sweaty kiss- forget the hug. And water, lots of water.)

Date a girl who runs because she’s got more on her mind than makeup and keeping up with the neighbors because she’s too busy trying to keep up with herself, outpace herself, outdo herself. If you want her to stay interested, set your own intentions about how you can be a better You. (Keeping up with the neighbors….. I don’t even know my neighbors *sad*).

Date a girl who runs because smiling while you sweat is sexy, and she knows that. (I thought smiles were friendly…..)

And she knows that she looks her best after a long run, even if there’s dust all over her cheeks, and her nose is sunburned. She knows she looks amazing because she is smiling.  In fact, she’s almost always smiling because she’s always releasing endorphins. (I do not agree with this- after long runs I have lots of boogers and salt caked on my face and look like an exhausted bum).

Date a girl who runs because she has great skin from all the hydration, and it’s so soft under your touch. And even if she has wrinkles, her brow is serene when she gazes off into the distance. And they’re probably laugh lines, anyway, because of those endorphins. (“Brow is serene” <— this is something that I will NEVER EXPERIENCE because my eyebrows are Italian and need to be waxed like every other day).

Date a girl who runs because she can’t be moved, and you wouldn’t settle for anything less. (Moved? Is that like swooning? Or crying? I cry a lot.)

Date a girl who runs because she knows how to quietly, patiently work every week on a goal she set that’s half a year or a year away. She’ll be working on her time, her distance, but what she’s really working on, is herself. (Awwww I like this.)

Date a girl who runs because if you’re reading this, you want to work on yourself and she’ll help you. (Let’s go for a run!)

My first marathon... this was at the half way point and I had a very mean face and was on fire.

My first marathon… this was at the half way point and I had a very mean face and was on fire.

Taking time to heal (and enjoy it)

This year has not been the greatest for the running in my life.

For my love life- it has been perfect.
For my travel life- amazing.
For my friendships- I love them all.

But for running- this year has been flat-out miserable.

First, I got Achilles tendinitis back in late January.

To allow my leg to heal AND stay fit for the wedding, I biked a lot. I went to the gym at my condo and biked and biked and biked.

Fast forward to right after the wedding, I tried running and discovered that the outside of my right knee was KILLING and my I.T. (ilitobial) band was injured. Most likely from a ill-fitting bike. So for a solid two months, I was unintentionally biking my knee into an injury while intentionally trying to let my Achilles heal.

What a cruel merry-go-round of events.

That bike did some damage.

That bike did some damage.

The past two weeks I have been very bitter about all of this, while trying to let my body heal and get my IT band strength and stamina back to normal.

I was suppose to run a half-marathon this Saturday – THE HALF THAT MR. SPEEDY AND I MET AT- but had to switch to the 5k.
I had to back out of my marathon next month.
I have been bashing my body, a lot.

And I really don’t like bashing my body. I highly dislike that and embarrassed to admit it. You know- those thoughts like you only ran a mile, that barely burned any calories, better eat less, you should be working out more, etc.

Thoughts like these can quickly creep up and seep deep and poison your entire day.

We have all been there.

Honestly- isn’t it funny how when we are limited in our normal exercise routine or not working out as much as we did before, there is this great assumption and fear that suddenly you will shrink into a less-attractive, lazier version of your former self?

I need to kick-out the negative thoughts and focus on positive words, like this:

I would like to plaster this on my wall and read it every day.

I would like to plaster this on my wall and read it every day.


One of my favorite sayings of all time –

The greatest gift you can give yourself is unconditional love.

I give Mr. Speedy unconditional love.
I give my family that too.
I plan on giving our children that type of love too.

Why am I denying myself during this time?

Just because I am running less or moving slower – is that reason to love myself a bit less too? Not grab the slice of pizza or second glass of wine?

Mr. Speedy has been SUCH A SAINT.

I have been moody and disappointed.

Just yesterday, we went for a run and he lead the way, taking a completely off-beaten path that was scenic and new to us both. When we got back to our normal path, he immediately stated how nice it was to run in between the trees and see something new.

And you know what I said?

“That was short. We aren’t going to get our full 6 miles in.”

He really should have slapped me across the cheek for that.

Instead he was quiet and said, “I thought you would have enjoyed the trees and seeing something instead of cement.”

He took the time to run a new route, one that was full of nature, and all I could think about was if I was going to reach my goal of X amount of miles. I completely missed out enjoying the beauty around me. I completely was rude towards my running partner, who choose to run a slower pace with me.

I was completely acting selfish and missed out on a beautiful run with the love of my life.

Well, enough of that behavior.


Every single day. Be kind.

Every single day. Be kind.

New mindset-

I will heal. I need to be patient. I will enjoy my runs, no matter what the pace/distance. Saturday I will run the 5k and be happy I can do that. I will be able to cheer on others competing in the half.  I will run a marathon again, just not in May, and this OK. I will eat when I am hungry and stop when I am full. I will remember to tell Mr. Speedy each and every day how much his support means to me. I will appreciate every new run with him, no matter what the distance.

I will enjoy myself. And be kind.


How did you work through an injury? Tell me what kept you positive.







Three Major Confessions (okay, four)

I have three major confessions that I feel the need to spill out to you, and spread out in the open like cake batter.

1. I confess that I am experiencing the full-time wedding overload. For this reason, I apologize for the lack of posts… but March 28 seems to be creeping up quickly and I have much to do, much to create, much to prepare.

We got our beautiful handmade, one-of-a-kind, letterpress invitations and they were in my possession for a full THREE hours before we had to seal them up and mail them. I have had withdrawals but at least I get to keep the pretty boxes the artist placed them in. The woman who made these is pure talent and AMAZING, check her out here at Moving Beauty Studio.

Drool. They were SO pretty!

Drool. They were SO pretty!

I’ll do a post devoted to them eventually because they are way to beautiful and unique to skim over.

2. Confession: I love book club. So much, that I am looking forward to my wedding and book club…. and then more book club.  Like, if you gave me a choice to either go to book club or go meet the President or Brad Pitt, I would be like “Um… BOOK CLUB.”

I am so pumped for this club, we had an absolute blast at our first meeting (except I kicked two wine glasses in one step and destroyed them). I hosted and cooked up a storm.

My friend came over early and embossed gold napkins for us. OH YEAH.

My friend came over early and embossed gold napkins for us. OH YEAH.

German Chocolate Cake!

German Chocolate Cake!

We read the Book Thief which takes place in Nazi Germany… so the menu was all German-themed and book-themed (the Mom in the book always made pea soup, so I made some….. but no one really ate that because it is odd to serve pea soup with cake and wine and German pretzels).

3. I confess that I have not ran in almost two weeks.

This is horrible but I pretty much am not running in 10 degree weather. Michigan has been freezing. Some people run in this type of weather but I cannot bring myself to go outside for very long. I feel like I am inhaling ice every time I step outside. My butt and things are expanding (at least I feel like they are) and I am craving a good pavement pounding run. Please, Michigan, let’s get up to 25-35 degrees. My mind and body need it.

And an extra confession just because…

Mr. Speedy and I started dance lessons. Please pray for us because I have a knack for not letting him lead and he has a knack for taking bigger steps then mine (or maybe I am taking too small of steps???). Regardless, we are learning to communicate through our arms, pressure of hands, and hips. But-


Not only are you learning something new together and patience, it is really quite sexy. Pushing your palms together and keeping your hips aligned and holding each other close… well, my blood is pretty much pumping the entire time and I think I am blushing with every side-step and twirl.

Deco Couple!

Deco Couple!



Running on Ice

So, there has been some serious freezing-rain-or-snow-or-ice happening here in Michigan.

Everyting is frosted and iced.

Everything is frosted and iced.

The last two days I went out early and ran.

The path was either wet and slick or thick with snow. And for some reason I absolutely LOVED it.

There is something about running when the conditions aren’t great, or even ideal. There is something about running miles before passing another brave soul. There is something about having to use extra caution so that you don’t twist or fall. There is something about feeling extra strong because you are pounding the pavement when most avoid it. There is something about running in winter that makes you feel so dang CONFIDENT. You can’t be stopped by the weather. You can’t be stopped by the temperature. You can’t be stopped.

There is something about running that makes me feel so alive, so here, and so in the moment.

I love this quote from the book Run Like a Girl –

quoteDon’t you just love that?

This applies to me so much. This last week at work made me want to rip my hair out. The wedding is getting close and I have so much to do. I am behind on laundry. GAAAAAHHHH the list goes on. But-

Taking time for my sweat session clears my head and cleans my soul. Throw yesterday away and start fresh the next. Let that icy road carry your mind to a solid and strong place. Sweat it out.

With Christmas so close, many people seem to voice concerns about ‘holiday eating’ and ‘too cold to workout.’ Silly. Nonsense. There has never been a BETTER time to throw your gloves on and get some fresh air. Layer up and make time for yourself during the holidays. Round up your family or a friend. Sign up for a 5k and walk it.

We are leaving for Nebraska in the morning to spend Christmas with Mr. Speedy’s family. I am not looking forward to the looooong car ride but I am sure looking forward to doing some running and taking in the cornfields and Nebraska sky.

I just love running, even on icy paths.



A Runner’s Worst Nightmare

With doing any sport there are always some risks and fears and the attempt to get over them.

For running and as a runner, I can confidently say that I do have some fears and am not afraid to share them.

One of my worst fears was the whole #2 potty situation but after squatting behind a bush like a seasoned hunter, I quickly got over this activity.

But I still have some other ones, mainly:

  • Getting speared by a deer: We often see deer on the side of our running path and they just STARE AT ME. But I like to think of myself like a car coming at them, and well, they often hit cars, so I’m just waiting for one to run into me and puncture my lungs. Kind of like Sue in The Middle.
  • Stranded: Sometimes if I’m on a long run, there is the slight fear that I will get stranded somehow and be stuck for hours for whatever reason.
  • Break a leg/Twist an ankle: What if I had an accident while cruising downhill and totally tripped over a huge branch, breaking my femur into a million pieces? Tragic.
  • Running on a loop and seeing someone you DON’T want to see:….. but you are on a loop and have to pass them again. Ugh. Ew. No.
  • Bike Collision:  Bikes wiz by at super fast speeds and I’m always afraid I’m going to stretch my arms out at the wrong moment and clothesline them/get my arm removed.

What are your fears? Similar? No? Yes?

Going back to my first bullet point, with something either chasing you or about to attack you, this video really hits home with me. A friend sent this to Mr. Speedy and although hilarious…. it is quite scary. If I had been part of this prank, I would have probably peed my pants while trying to dig a hole straight into the ground.

Enjoy- the last prank is my favorite, with the family on the picnic table… that poor girl…:

The Meatball Saga

So Mr. Speedy and I are moved in and all. We are enjoying nesting in our love nest and all. I am trying to cook new recipes. And all.

This week I attempted to make meatballs.

This so pretty. So... simple, right?

This so pretty. So… simple, right?

Meatballs were a very vital substance to my diet growing up. My mother would cook them, with a side of spaghetti, and they always came out as perfect little orbs of tender meat. She would add an egg or two to make them hold together, some bread crumbs and seasoning, and make it all look so easy.

One thing that my Mother never did was attempt to cook dinner while While You Were Sleeping was on in the background. I suppose this is where I went wrong.


Mr. Speedy went out for a quick run and it being my rest day, I stayed in to prepare a romantic dinner (it was our 15 month anniversary) of scrumptious meatballs and pasta. My Mother had texted me earlier all the necessary ingredients – a pound of ground beef, a pound of ground turkey, some chopped onion, two eggs, a big pile of ketchup, some Italian bread crumbs, and various spices- which I had picked up at the grocery store conveniently on the way home from work.

Mixing them all in a large bowl that was partially warped due to the dishwasher, I could see straight into the living room and view the t.v. and sympathize with a miserable Lucy (Sandra Bullock) in her monotonous ticket-booth job. I had the skillet already warmed up with olive oil, and using a spoon, dropped balls of mixed meat into the pan. Sizzle sizzle, they hissed at me and began to cook.

And this is where I went wrong. Well, this is where I made my first mistake.

Proud of my beautiful orbs of beef and turkey, I poured myself a bit of wine, leaned in the kitchen entryway. I was completely relaxed, admiring the fruits of my culinary labor sizzle and completely confident Mr. Speedy would be drooling all over it. I turned my attention to the movie and watched as the nurse hears Lucy say she was going to marry that man. GASP. She just did what!?! I love this scene. I love how then Lucy has to play it cool with her pretend engagement to a dreamy, successful man. I suppose if I saw Mr. Speedy get mugged, and I rescued him from getting squished by a train, I would totally impersonate his fiancé to stare at him while he slept…

This is me. I am her. The end.

This is me. I am her. The end.

And then I smelt burning. Something was definitely burning.


Burnt. Burnt. So burnt.

Quickly, I turned the burner down from high to low, suddenly remembering that my Mother had warned never to use HIGH heat, always MEDIUM heat for meatballs. That was my second mistake. Ball-shape no more, they had become warped and misshapen under the high heat just like my mixing bowl.

Then, I did what any newly housewife-in-training/cook would do- I concealed all evidence of the disastrous meatballs. I plopped them neatly on top a bed of pasta, smothered in sauce, and grated a colossal serving of fresh parmesan cheese on top, making it look like a gourmet meal.

I strategically continued to cover the burnt areas with more sauce and cheese....

I strategically continued to cover the burnt areas with more sauce and cheese….

A few more spoonfuls of warm sauce, and the meatballs were hidden away… deep down there, just waiting to be discovered.

Mr. Speedy came home from his run, showered, and scooped a helping of the meal, eager to eat.

“Do you smell something burning?” he asked.

“Uh… burning? No.” I said sheepishly. “I mean I did have a candle going [lie] and I did light a match for that [another lie]. Also, I believe the dryer makes a funny smell [super big lie].”

“Huh,” he said and twirled his fork with some food. Then he took a bite, slowly inspecting the taste, and looked directly at me.

I quickly realized I had no idea who I was dealing with because I completely expected him to spit out the food, and accuse me of feeding him hockey-puck chunks of scorched beef.

But instead, this great handsome man whom cares oh-so-much about me and my cooking ego, explained that it was the BEST meatball he had ever had. The best. He quickly ate one, two, and then a third. He even said that he actually preferred the burnt crust because it made them crispy, almost like they were fried.

And I, taken aback and melting due to his endearing comment about the most horrible meatballs one could ever come across, showed him that I still had a huge bowl full of uncooked meat that I could make more meatballs with, you know, since he liked them so much.

“OH no….,” He said, rubbing my shoulders. “Let ME cook these, you go sit and relax.”

And you know what Mr. Speedy did? That man baked them on a cookie sheet until they were golden brown and perfect. I mean PERFECT. He could not have rolled them into better balls and he could not have timed the baking down to a better second. We even watched the rest of the funny love triangle between Lucy and Jack and Peter while they baked (Mr. Speedy obviously can multi-task in the kitchen).

We feasted on his balls (that sounds bad, you know what I mean) the next day, but only after he assured me that my meatballs were just as delicious and tasty.

Honestly, if this is not love, then I do not know what is.



PS I also managed to shrink multiple dress shirts of Mr. Speedy’s in the dryer this week. He simply stated that I am learning and it is okay, they are just expensive shirts… but that I’ll get the hang of it.

PSS I think I need to sent away to a boarding school on cooking and cleaning, and learn the basics.

PSSS At least I am an excellent kisser and companion in bed with long legs (I mean that in terms that I am very good at cuddling, not the… never mind. I don’t even know. I give up).

WINNER: Run Like A Girl

Sorry this is a day late…. moving is super busy and I have limited internet at the moment!!! Please bare with me. I mean bear.


Let me just say, I am going to start collecting used copies of this book to repeat this giveaway.

I am not joking.

Be patient- you’ll eventually win one… because you all deserve a copy. It is that amazing and so are you.

But, some lucky reader will get a copy right away…


I went online to a random number generator, plugged in the information. Prior to this, on all giveaways, I have been writing down every commenter’s name on a tiny piece of paper, mixing them all in a bowl, and selecting a winner.

I have no idea for the life of me why I did not think to use the all-powerful, all-knowing internet to generate a winner. Way easier. And there is no mess of paper shreds.

This is what the random generator selected:

Lucky comment #7....

Lucky comment #7….

The #7 comment on the giveaway, was –


OH MY AMAZING- I know for a fact that Ashley will ENJOY it and hopefully read every single page immediately. Her blog is here and it is a cute, fun-lovin’ blog to read. She offers great music choices, advice, and is honest and open. She is currently nursing her body back from an injury from running… and there is a whole section in this book devoted to that anxiety-filled, down-time.


I have to go finishing packing/un-packing my entire life now. And then make-out with Mr. Speedy in our new bedroom for approximately 3546322 hours.



Book Giveaway: Run Like A Girl

I’m giving away one (1) copy of this amazing book:

Run Like A Girl: How Strong Women Make Happy Lives


I fell in love with this book over two years ago, just after it was published in March 2011. The author, Mina Samuels (read about her here) writes from various voices- her own, famous female athletes, every day female athletes, sport medicine experts, and much more. Previously, she was a lawyer and then realized she wanted to write and needed to publish. I love authors who are from a completely different field of work. I think it adds some variety to their writing. She writes in a very factual, entertaining way that is full of statistics and interviews that will keep you reading.

She dives into WHY there is a pull, a need, to run or perform some sort of physical exercise. How does this exercise differ when females run solo? In a group? With a partner? What does training together do to a relationship? What does having an active lifestyle do to a person? How are they physically stronger in the end? Happier? Logical? There is a science to those endorphins released and Samuels hits the nail on the head explaining every little body benefit.

I love it.

I could go and on but the bottom line is that this book is a truthful read- perfect for any female (or male- guys can get some perspective too) athlete.

Because I love it and running and being a strong, healthy girl, I am giving you a chance to win a copy- all you have to do is comment below, answering this question:

What are yours plans for this weekend?

Are you going somewhere fun? Have any races planned? Are you planning to drink wine and read books and relax? Just leave your comment (be sure to be logged in or enter email) and you are in the running (no pun intended) for this wonderful book!

Winner will be announced Friday, July 19th by 8pm Eastern Time. Only one comment per person!

Help: I’m in a Marathon Pickle

I am trapped in a pickle- a marathon pickle to be exact.

And I need your help because I really do not know what to do.
Please read… or just ignore my words and wish me luck.


I have only ran 1 marathon in my life and that was last fall in Detroit.  I huffed and puffed my way to the finish line and qualified for Boston by 1 WHOLE WHOPPING MINUTE, at a 3:34:00:

My first marathon... this was at the half way point and I had a very mean face and was on fire.

My first marathon… this was at the half way point and I had a very mean face and was on fire.

Fast forward to present day:

Since I only qualified for Bosty 2014 by 1 minute, that means I am in the last wave to register when it opens up online. The waves go by 5 minute intervals from the qualifying time, so for my group (need 3:35:00 or faster) it includes everyone from 3:30:00 to 3:34:59.

This makes me nervous. I have a sinking gut feeling that it is going to fill up before I get to sign up online, suggesting that I should try to run ANOTHER, better, marathon time before the cutoff- September 15, 2013.

That is roughly 10 weeks away.

August marathons, in this area, are HOT. So no.

Labor day weekend, Mr. Speedy and I have a wedding. The weekend that the time is due- Sept. 15th- we are planning to go to Nebraska.

This only leaves September 8th weekend open and I found a marathon in Canton, Ohio (about 4 hours away) that I could run.

So my pickle is-

Do I start a 9 week training program now and run the marathon and hope to shave off at least 5 minutes?

Or do I sit tight with my current qualifying time and hope to the Running Gods I get into the race?

I am currently running about 50 miles a week, and could race out a half-marathon no problem. This is good.

However, I have not done a run longer than 14 miles for…. quite some time. Not so good.

If I start training now, I am miserably prepared to give up the following:

photo 2

Goodbye my love. I’m whining about the wine.

This is just an image of me slightly tipsy from day drinking. NO DAY DRINKING ALLOWED.

This is just an image of me slightly tipsy from day drinking. NO DAY DRINKING ALLOWED.

Sweet tower of sweets... You are sweet. But I can't have you on my hips or thighs.

Sweet tower of sweets… You are sweet. But I can’t have you on my hips or thighs.

May I join you? Oh wait I can't... because I have to run forever.

May I join you? Oh wait I can’t… because I have to run forever.

That last image could be interpreted that I am giving up Mr. Speedy OR giving up being in bed with Mr. Speedy (UM THAT BED OF SWEET SWEATY PASSIONATE LOVE… never mind… sorry), but I am simply giving up SLEEPING IN LATE with Mr. Speedy.

Which apparently I already have done since I was able to snap this picture while he was still asleep.

Anyways, marathon training is no joke.

If I seriously want to get my time down, I am going to have to buckle down to the sandstone for the next 9 weeks.

Mr. Speedy votes a big fat YES to this Ohio marathon.
Pirate votes a big fat WHY THE HECK DO YOU RUN SO MUCH to this marathon.

Pickle pickle, I am stuck in a pickle.

What do you think??? Ahhhhhhhhh!


P.S. I have decided that running in the humidity makes you by far the most unattractive thing on the planet. That is all.



10 mile Hilly Race Recap

Yesterday, Mr. Speedy and I got up bright and early (5:15 AM) to run a 10 mile race in a very hilly land.

This is what he looks when he drives, alert and awake:


Why you no look at me?

And this is what I look like when I ride, silent and sleepy:


I love the inside of my eyelids. Let me be.

Approximately 2.5 miles into our ride, and a few sips into my morning coffee, I felt the urge to GO.


Mr. Speedy was on a mission to get to the race early and was not stopping. I started to do deep-breathing like a full-term pregnant lady and it actually kept my mind busy.

When we made it to the race, Mr. Speedy literally drove straight into the porta-potty line with his large diesel manly truck, and I bolted out and yelled this to him:


He told me to stop being dramatic and go do my business. So I did. And then I went again after we pinned our bibs.

Then the race started.

It was a hilly 10 miles but fabulous. My garmin went crazy 0.5 seconds prior to the start, so a friend graciously let me borrow hers. My splits stayed close to 7 minute/mile pace, which was good to see. Around mile 3, a girl ran up beside me and asked what my goal was and if we could run together. YES. YES LET’S RUN TOGETHER. I love pairing up with a buddy, it helps in so many ways. We helped each other up each brutal mountain and encouraged one another. We talked briefly about the amount of sweat that was forming on our bodies, saying something along these lines –


gahhhhh sweattttttt

At about mile 8 my running friend confessed she had to PEE BADLY. I told her NO WAY ARE YOU STOPPING TO PEE- WE GOT THIS. In retrospect, I should have probably let this 17 year old new friend of mine go potty rather than being a demanding 26 year old crazy pace lady. But, she stuck with me and we finished proudly together. She wanted a picture with me and told me about all her college plans. Ahhhhh I LOVE meeting other girl runners!!! I even made friends with the overall female winner who ran the race at around a 6:30 pace. She had really cute hair. I wanted to touch it but figured that is a)creepy and b)not appropriate.

Mr. Speedy was super fast and got 4th overall. He was at the finish line, rested and waiting, by the time I sped over it. We embraced in a sweaty hug/kiss and I was temped to do a full make-out but figured that would make all the children spectators gasp in horror….

I ended up running only about 15 seconds away from my PR and finished at 1:11:18. If only I moved a bit faster!!! Next time… next time, I’m breaking 1:11 or else I’ll break some bread. (I am not a very threatening person FYI).

Here is a picture of our fun running team we are part of, the Hansons Yellow Team:


We are just so….. yellooooow. YOLO.

I really like my pink shoes. They make a statement. I love all these guys, they rock my socks. But that guy behind me with the #6 bib….. MEOOOOOOW.

This is what we won for placing in our age groups- COFFEE MUGS RAWRRRRR:


This will be perfect for our future home. We have two matching mugs.

Did I mention that this race gave out POPSICLES afterwards????

Best thing ever. I ate 76 and that caused me to have a sugar rush and take these pictures:






Practicing for the wedding?

After making-out and removing my shirt an realizing we were in the public parking lot and should stop… we awkwardly drove off, stopping to get a latte (my FAV):


McD’s has very tasty lattes when Starbucks is not near.

And then we got ready, headed to a friend’s for a BBQ, where I drank 2 glasses of sweet wine with feet that were nude (barefoot) :


My legs are really pale. Ew.

….and that caused me to get sleepy.
And nap on their couch like a pile of pillows.
Basically, I was the most lethargic house guest ever.

I missed the actual BBQing at the BBQ.

Is there any better way to spend your day after a race? I think not.