Three Major Confessions (okay, four)

I have three major confessions that I feel the need to spill out to you, and spread out in the open like cake batter.

1. I confess that I am experiencing the full-time wedding overload. For this reason, I apologize for the lack of posts… but March 28 seems to be creeping up quickly and I have much to do, much to create, much to prepare.

We got our beautiful handmade, one-of-a-kind, letterpress invitations and they were in my possession for a full THREE hours before we had to seal them up and mail them. I have had withdrawals but at least I get to keep the pretty boxes the artist placed them in. The woman who made these is pure talent and AMAZING, check her out here at Moving Beauty Studio.

Drool. They were SO pretty!

Drool. They were SO pretty!

I’ll do a post devoted to them eventually because they are way to beautiful and unique to skim over.

2. Confession: I love book club. So much, that I am looking forward to my wedding and book club…. and then more book club.  Like, if you gave me a choice to either go to book club or go meet the President or Brad Pitt, I would be like “Um… BOOK CLUB.”

I am so pumped for this club, we had an absolute blast at our first meeting (except I kicked two wine glasses in one step and destroyed them). I hosted and cooked up a storm.

My friend came over early and embossed gold napkins for us. OH YEAH.

My friend came over early and embossed gold napkins for us. OH YEAH.

German Chocolate Cake!

German Chocolate Cake!

We read the Book Thief which takes place in Nazi Germany… so the menu was all German-themed and book-themed (the Mom in the book always made pea soup, so I made some….. but no one really ate that because it is odd to serve pea soup with cake and wine and German pretzels).

3. I confess that I have not ran in almost two weeks.

This is horrible but I pretty much am not running in 10 degree weather. Michigan has been freezing. Some people run in this type of weather but I cannot bring myself to go outside for very long. I feel like I am inhaling ice every time I step outside. My butt and things are expanding (at least I feel like they are) and I am craving a good pavement pounding run. Please, Michigan, let’s get up to 25-35 degrees. My mind and body need it.

And an extra confession just because…

Mr. Speedy and I started dance lessons. Please pray for us because I have a knack for not letting him lead and he has a knack for taking bigger steps then mine (or maybe I am taking too small of steps???). Regardless, we are learning to communicate through our arms, pressure of hands, and hips. But-


Not only are you learning something new together and patience, it is really quite sexy. Pushing your palms together and keeping your hips aligned and holding each other close… well, my blood is pretty much pumping the entire time and I think I am blushing with every side-step and twirl.

Deco Couple!

Deco Couple!



Embossing like a BOSS

Lately, I have been obsessed with something.


(No, it is not Mr. Speedy or his butt or his kisses or…. I’m sweating. I’ll stop.)

It has been in my head and on my mind since I discovered it last weekend.


If you were to ask me what I was doing later today – “Embossing.”
Ask me what time it were – “Embossing time.”
Ask me what I’m doing next week – “Embossing.”
Ask me how I am doing – “Embossing.”

It seems to be the answer for everything.

Here is a pretty example of something I made:

To my parents.

To my parents.

It is so fun and so easy and so magical when the powder actually fuses and turns to a solid shine before your eyes. You will constantly be amazed

All you need is the following items-

You need: paper, stamp, embossing powder, ink pad, and heat gun.

You need: paper, stamp, embossing powder, ink pad, and heat gun.

First, stamp our your design. I used clear ink but if you use color ink, it will blend with the color of powder you use.

Then you shake on the embossing powder, generously covering the entire wet stamped area.
Shake off the excess powder and save it, pouring it back into the original container.
MAGIC IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN- apply the heat gun about an inch from the embossed area and watch it emboss!
So pretty!

You can also emboss in one color and do another on top, like this:


I had my MOH (hippie sister) and dear friend over to help me with wedding things, and we embossed all the rehearsal dinner invitations…. they are simply stunning:

I also bought this pretty over-priced-but-so-worth-it Art Deco scalloped paper…. for either envelope liners or belly bands. Or just to keep and stare at. Love it:


Seriously, if anyone needs a pretty custom card- come on over and emboss. Or I will create it for you and you can pay me in smiles. A smile is a beautiful thing to receive.

I hope these cards make people smile.

SERIOUSLY THOUGH – LET ME MAKE YOU SOME CARDS. I’M OBSESSED. And after the wedding, I won’t have a fancy schmancy event to make pretty invites for…. so please host one and I’ll help you out.

On a completely unrelated note, Mr. Speedy and I drove to Chicago this weekend to watch his oldest niece compete in a cheerleading costume. I have never seen so much glitter and tube tops on small children before and never been so nervous watching a competition (4 year olds doing pyramids is nerve-racking!), but I was so very happy to see the family before the big day!

SO STINKIN CUTE. I want to have one. Or three. Or maybe seven.

SO STINKIN CUTE. I want to have one. Or three. Or maybe seven.

Also, I love the baby’s hat. It is so fitting for her. And their matching suitcases are adorable – Mr. Speedy’s mom got those for Christmas for them… so thoughtful!

My Top 10 Gift ideas for HIM


You know who I am talking about- that guy. Him could be your husband, father, brother, friend, annoying co-worker, boyfriend, fiance, secret lover.


Here are my top 10 gift ideas for any HIM in your life:

1. Hand-crafted, uniquely scented soaps. This soap actually smells delicious and will make any man repel zombies but attract kissing partners, I am sure of it. Made by Cellar Door Soap Co, it is $6 a bar. Another AMAZING soap company is CerealFly (also in Michigan) and the owner is a sweet young lady. Her soaps sell a bit cheaper, at $4.50.

2. Personalized note cards. EVERYONE (and I mean everyone) will send mail at some point in their life. They must send mail. Or write a personal letter. And possessing stationary that is thick card stock with a professional looking typeface can make such a statement. I bought Mr. Speedy some and he loves them. I got these from NaomiLynn Etsy shop at $15.

Stationary! DUH!

Stationary! DUH!

3. Whiskey Barrel Kit. Mr. Speedy received one of these for being a groomsmen in his friend’s wedding and he LOVES it. He doesn’t even drink whiskey really but he loved actually making it and having this tiny barrel. Such a fun little gift. Find one at Bluegrass (includes personalized lines on barrel) for $54.99.



4. Towels.  HEAR ME OUT. Although boring and not… thrilling, towels are a great gift. Do you know why? BECAUSE MEN USE THEM EVERY FREAKIN DAY AND THEY GET OLD AND FLAKY AND GROSS QUICKLY. Generally, men like to leave wet towels balled up and never replace them. New towels are THE BEST. It is like rubbing a fresh, new bed sheet all over your body. Just give that gift of hygiene and buy that man some towels. These are from Kohls and only $7.99.

Seriously. So Practical but so needed.

Seriously. So Practical but so needed.

5. Tools. You really cannot go wrong with tools. Mr. Speedy told me of a few that he needed but one sounded like jigsaw puzzle and the other sounded like Obi Wan so I might have to investigate before I try buying anything. Get them at any hardware or manly store.

I don't know what these do but apparently, they are really neat.

I don’t know what these do but apparently, they are really neat.

6. Cook his favorite meal. Does your Dad have an absolute favorite meal ? Or does your guy just love scallops but never is able to eat them because you are scared of them? Muster up some courage and breakout of your cooking shell. Cook away. Find a recipe and FOLLOW IT. You can’t go wrong.

I recently made chili for the first time after Mr. Speedy told me he LOVES the stuff. It was fantastic. He was raving for a week. And farting.

I recently made chili for the first time after Mr. Speedy told me he LOVES the stuff. It was fantastic. He was raving for a week. And farting.

7. A Jewelry Box. Men have watches. Men have cufflinks. Men have tie bars. What men usually store these in are (at least in Mr. Speedy’s case) is a tiny box that used to hold one of these items. They are all mixed in together. Get that man a nice jewelry box so these items have a home. Here is one from Chasing Treasure for only $69.

watchbox8. A book about his hobby/passion. Even if he isn’t a reader, a book about something he loves will get browsed through… and you never know, he might read about something he didn’t know and suddenly become a book lover, just like you, and agree to spend lots of money on making a library in the house and buying you whatever books you want. Sigh. A girl can dream.

Running books! That last one is appropriate for men to read too! Promise!

Running books! That last one is appropriate for men to read too! Promise!

9. For that POOPER in your life….. Heavy Doody Poo Pourri. Yes, this is a real product. Yes, it works. Yes, get this. Order from the Catching Fireflies Store, only $9.95 and it will save your nostrils from toilet-smelling-deathly-encounters.

Ahhhhh! so funny.

Ahhhhh! so funny.

10. A reeeeeeally nice, durable last-for-a-lifetime robe.  This kind of is like the towels. He will use it daily. It will get its use. It is worth the investment. I got Mr. Speedy a Brooks Brothers robe (he is obsessed with this store and most of his wardrobe consists of their collared shirts and pressed pants). When he isn’t wearing this robe, I usually am wrapped up in it. It is amazingly comfortable and just feels rich agaisnt the skin. $348.


Hope you enjoyed this….. Next post will be top ten gifts for women, so stay tuned! Happy shopping xoxo



My Latest Obsession: Free, Beauitful, Delightful Printables

I have this friend.

Every time she walks near cards, stationary, or pretty paper, she stops. Swoons. Drools. And meticulously inspects every item, selecting at least three things to purchase. She loves to write letters. Personalized stationary is her second love, the first being her man. Pretty patterns lining envelopes are a slice of heaven. Birthday cards are selected months in advance, with the utmost thought towards the reciever.

This friend of mine happens to be planning a wedding and is struggling with selecting all the paper suites: invitations, menus, programs, rehersal dinner invites, table cards, place cards, etc. Struggling not out of lack of interest but more of lack of paring down her options. So many choices!

When her husband-to-be asked “What do you want as a wedding gift?” do you know what she said?

“New, beautiful stationary with my new, beautiful name.”

Clearly, snail mail is not dead.

Anyways, my friend recently discovered this thing on the en-ter-web called PRINTABLES.


Holy moly, I am so excited – I mean, my friend, is so excited about these.

Reasons why you should use printables:

  • Planning a party? Need sweet invites – check out these. Or perhaps some tablemats – I love these lemon ones.
  • Baked some cookies and want to package them out but in a CUTE, MEMORABLE, THOUGHTFUL way? Bingo, use this.
  • Having a wedding or any kind of party? Martha Stewart has sooo many printables. Check out these cute favor tags.
  • Throwing a glitzy, girly party with some cocktails? This printable even has a menu for the signature drink. LOVE IT.
  • Football party? Tailgating? Show up with your food lookin’ like a million bucks with these paper products. It even includes recipes!
  • Well, looks like I’ll be having a Vintage Glam Holiday party. You are all invited.
  • HALLOWEEN. There are so many halloween printables. This is one of my favorites and makes me want to have a brood of children immediately and craft with them and feed them homemade popcorn while dressed up as a witch. Or as Jane Eyre (I doubt they’d understand the latter, so I’ll stick with the witch costume).

I made these this week, while I was suppose to be doing REAL WEDDING stuff, but this was way cool and fun:

Bottle tags!

Then I got ready for Christmas and made these cute gift tags:

In addition to scissors, I needed a one-hole punch to punch the circular hole at the top. Easy! AND THEY ARE SO SIMPLE AND CHIC.

I made some wedding things, for fun:

Then, I printed a really cute recipe book as a gift, complete with dividers:

Obviously, I am obsessed with printing things and cards and stationary and gift tags.

I mean, my friend.

My friend- she is obsessed.


My top three – Love vs Design, Martha Stewart weddings, and HWTM.


Stationary-Printables-Party-Planning Obsessed Lily

PS I think I might do a giveaway soon with printable things I made… because they are taking over my desk.

The First (of Many) Fiancé Freakouts

I love Mr. Speedy. I think I have established that in sickening detail.

I love how when he laughs, his nose crinkles.
Who would have ever thought I’d obsess over someone’s nose crinkles?
Those nose crinkles, his nose crinkles, make my heart melt every time they surface.

Despite our similarities and my deep obsession with his nose crinkles, we do have our differences.

One has been surfacing quite a bit since our engagement and that is this:

When faced with the issue of planning a wedding and paying for the affair-
Mr. Speedy remains calm, level-headed, and logical.
Lily remains anxious with her brain turning into mush and sobs.

A prime example of my freaking out occurred last night when we decided to peek at some stationary and invitation options.

Just to let you know, I LOVE stationary.
I LOVE cards.
I LOVE patterned envelopes.
I LOVE stamps.

I honestly am planning to have a bigger budget for these pretty paper things than my dress (I am hoping to find a dress at a vintage shop).
I know that people will eventually toss our invites into the trash but by golly, I want them to make a statement. Elegant. Stunning. Memorable.

These cards made my jaw-drop and pulled at my heartstrings:



Lucky-Luxe-Couture-Correspondence-Gatsby-Letterpress-Wedding-Invitations-550x366I love Art Deco. I love 1920s. I love Gatsby. Yes, yes, yes.

These are from Lucky Luxe Couture Correspondence and they describe this set with sentences like this:

We had a gilded mansion ballroom with onyx and jade decor in mind when creating the design, though of course the colors can be customized to suit the color palette of any couple.

OH- is that what you had in mind when you pressed these gorgeous invites? That sounds fabulous. Yes, I want these. Please make them for me. Thank you.

And the cost?

I was under the impression that invitations were like, $500. WRONG. SO WRONG.

For around 100 of this set, with 1 color, it is $1,544.


Upon learning this, Mr. Speedy and I went to a local shop that makes cards and priced out a similar style. Letter-pressed. Hand-written calligraphy (is there any other way to write a formal invitation? I think not.)

Price: $1200


Immediately, I freak out. All throughout dinner, I was on edge and couldn’t focus on the yummy meal and handsome date and kept feeling my eyes get misty. People around us probably thought I had a bad case of allergies or my cat died (I don’t have a cat FYI).

Mr. Speedy was just SO CALM. His attitude was relaxed and he truly was enjoying the evening out. He kept reassuring me, “It’s all going to work out. Don’t fret.” But… HOW DOES IT WORK OUT? HOW DO YOU STOP FRETTING? HOW DOES HE DO THAT? WHY IS THE SKY BLUE AND HOW COME MY ARMPIT HAIR IS HARD TO SHAVE?

If I am freaking out about stationary, then I will probably most likely freak out about everything.
This is why eloping seems like such a romantic, stress-free way to marry. Just put me on a plane and take me away.

Thank Gee he is calm.
What if we both freaked out?
What will our children be like?
Maybe our genes will cancel out and our kids will be completely lethargic.

I can’t think straight.

I should just focus on Mr. Speedy’s crinkles in his nose from now to eternity.

Yep. Sounds like a solid plan.